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Ewan McGregor's daughter relives 'uncomfortable' moment she had to watch his sex scenes at school

Ewan McGregor's daughter relives 'uncomfortable' moment she had to watch his sex scenes at school

She had to watch her dad in the nude with a room of her classmates

Ewan McGregor’s daughter Clara once sat through a nude scene featuring her famous dad while in school. It doesn’t get more awkward than that, does it?

The 52-year-old star has a lengthy career and is set to appear alongside his 28-year-old daughter in his new flick Bleeding Love.

The duo appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live! where they spoke about the movie as well as what it was like for Clara to grow up with a Hollywood star for a dad.

When asked if she had seen any of her dad’s movies growing up, Clara replied: “I saw a lot of them. There was one that was quite memorable, watching this one was quite memorable in particular, because when I was a senior in high school I took a gender studies class.”

At this point, seemingly knowing what movie - and scene - Clara was talking about, Ewan put his head in his hand and grimaced as she continued: “My teacher came up to me near the end of the semester and said, ‘Listen, there’s a movie that I usually teach as part of the curriculum. Your dad is in it and there is some nudity, so I wanted to run it by you before we watched it in class.'

Ewan McGregor and daughter Clara.

“I said it was fine, I didn’t really think much of it, and so we watched a movie called The Pillow Book, which is a brilliant film. But watching that movie at 17 with your entire high school class, it’s more like they’re watching me watch that film.”

Sounds nice and awkward, doesn’t it?

Jimmy then asked if her famous dad was nude for any time during the film, to which she replied: “A lot. Full-frontally nude, the whole time!”

Ewan says that prior to showing the movie, Clara’s teacher reached out to ask if it was OK, to which he said it was as long as the kids in the class were ‘mature’ enough to watch it without making a big deal out of the fact their classmates dad was in it.

He shared: “The teacher, she emailed me before as well to say, ‘Just so you know, I’m thinking to show this for your daughter’s class, is that OK?’ I went, ‘I wouldn’t want to be the reason you don’t show that movie to your kids, because it’s a beautiful movie.’

“But I said, ‘You have to guarantee that the kids are mature enough not to make fun of Clara or make her feel bad.’”

Clara confirmed that the other students didn’t tease her over the movie, and added: “It was uncomfortable. I think they also probably felt a little uncomfortable about it.”

However, while the kids in her class may have been mature enough to not make a joke about it, the same can’t be said for Jimmy who quipped: “Yeah, they’re like, ‘Oh there’s where she came from.’”

Featured Image Credit: ABC/Miramax

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