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Graham Norton viewers in stitches at 'no context Cate Blanchett' moment which needs seeing to be explained

Graham Norton viewers in stitches at 'no context Cate Blanchett' moment which needs seeing to be explained

Viewers thought Kate Winslet and Cate Blanchett were 'hilarious and hysterical'

Viewers tuning into The Graham Norton Show were left in hysterics after Kate Winslet and Cate Blanchett 'hijacked' the show to talk about weeing.

The pair appeared on last night’s (23 February) show alongside Dua Lipa and Adrian Lester, where Winslet shared a not-so-glamorous story about having to hook up a device ‘right in the coochie’ to make it look like she was peeing on camera. Who wouldn’t want to be a movie star, eh?

Winslet explained that, for women, the flow doesn’t necessarily come out in a straight line and said she had to do several takes before it hit the ground as the director wanted.

At this point, Blanchett cut in to say: “Every year… you think about what you’re going to put in the stocking - you know stocking fillers? Every year and I never do it - I think, ‘I’ve got to get some Shewees’.”

For those not in the know, ‘Shewees’ are a special little tool that allows women to pee standing up and are particularly popular at festivals, where - let’s face it - no one wants to risk sitting on the porta-loo seat.

Winslet then confirmed that she was, in fact, the proud owner of a Shewee, telling Blanchett: “Someone gave me a Shewee and it is so brilliant.

Kate Winslet and Cate Blanchett talked about Shewees.

"I used it at Glastonbury. I used my Shewee at Glastonbury last year.”

Norton then urged Winslet to give a bit of an explainer to Lester - who was completely in the dark about the marvels of a Shewee - to which both she and Blanchett enthusiastically responded.

“It's a cup,” Blanchett said, gesturing between her legs, while Winslet added: “Yep, it’s a cup. You put your cup on your…”

Blanchett then stands up, holding her groin, and explaining: “It’s a cup, with a little tube, and then - so it means - you can stand up and you can direct flow.”

Winslet added: “It’s absolutely brilliant.”

Winslet is the proud owner of a Shewee.

Meanwhile, viewers at home thought both she and Blanchett were absolutely brilliant - and a clip of the moment was soon shared online with the caption: "No context Cate Blanchett and Kate Winslet!"

Responding to the clip, one person said: “Never put Cate and Kate in the same room, they're so chaotic.”

Another wrote: “Omg hilarious and hysterical! I hope one day Kate and Cate will be in a movie together.”

A third commented: “One thing about Cate Blanchett is she’ll always demonstrate in the most unhinged way possible and I love her for it.”

Someone else added: “Aren’t they both fabulous.”

Featured Image Credit: BBC

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