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Katie Price praised for how she reacted when son Harvey said ‘c*nt’ on live TV

Katie Price praised for how she reacted when son Harvey said ‘c*nt’ on live TV

It's nearly been eight years since Harvey dropped the C word on live TV

“Hello you _” – I bet you finished that off in your head. It’s an infamous phase.

Harvey Price said ‘c*nt’ on live TV over seven whole years ago now and life has never been the same since.

The then 13-year-old was appearing on Loose Women with his mum, Katie Price, to talk about the vile online abuse he often received.

But, as is the beauty of live TV, Harvey unexpectedly dropped the C bomb.

Watch the moment from 2016 here:

When he was born, the eldest of Katie’s kids was diagnosed with the rare septo-optic dysplasia, which is a disorder of early brain development.

He also has blindness, is on the autistic spectrum and suffers from Prader-Willi Syndrome, which causes a wide range of physical symptoms, learning difficulties and behavioural challenges.

During the ITV appearance Harvey was asked what he’d say to trolls – ‘hello’.

Katie then clarified this, and said: “If someone says something horrible to Harvey, what does Harvey say?”

And the lad simply responded: “Hello you c*nt.”

It's an unforgettable TV moment.

An apology was obviously issued for this and over the years, the former glamour model mum has been praised for the way she dealt with it.

Reddit users mentioned the incident in the comments of a Reddit thread of ‘most awkward live television moments’ and one wrote: “That was amazing, Katie Price handled it really well I thought.”

Viewers at the time and since have praised Harvey too, saying it’s ‘probably the best response he could say to trolls’.

Others say the lad ‘is an icon’ and that he gave ‘absolutely the right answer, just not on national daytime telly’.

Another added: “What a legend.”

Harvey and Katie Price.
Karwai Tang/WireImage/Getty Images

After the whole thing that lead to years of memes, Katie told Rylan on his 2016 Up Late With Rylan show that she reckoned her son planned it.

“He must have planned it in his head,” she said. "Before we went on air I said, Harvey no swearing, and he said 'yes mummy'."

The mum-of-five also claimed the team asked if she’d like to do the interview pre-recorded but she declined.

"I don't want to hide who he is," she said. "I promised he wouldn't swear, I just can't believe it."

And it wasn’t the last time he did it, Harvey went on to swear the odd time on live TV, dropping the f-bomb on Good Morning Britain in 2021.

Featured Image Credit: ITV

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