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Louis Theroux asks fans for help as he shows changing face from alopecia battle

Louis Theroux asks fans for help as he shows changing face from alopecia battle

The legendary broadcaster has given regular updates about his condition

Louis Theroux has opened up about his ongoing alopecia struggles, turning to his fans for advice.

The legendary broadcaster first opened up about ‘probably’ having alopecia in a post back in January this year.

Sharing a photo of himself to Instagram, he explained: “So this is what my beard grows like now due to what I think is probably alopecia.

“Basically I get a little triangle of stubble around my mouth and some more at the sides.

“It’s not a big deal, but I don’t want people to think I’m doing something creative with my facial hair and doing it badly, when it’s just what I look like when I don’t shave.”

Theroux added: “This is also why I don’t wear a beard as much anymore. Maybe it’ll grow back. Who knows?

Louis Theroux has given regular updates about his alopecia.

“It mainly happened over the course of 2022. You get a sense of how it progressed from the other two photos taken six months before and a year before.”

According to, ‘there are different types of alopecia, and various medical conditions that cause hair loss’.

Theroux, 53, has since given several updates about his condition. In July he shared a selfie showing hair loss to his eyebrow and wrote: “Oh jeez it looks like the alopecia has migrated up to my eyebrow.

“I realise you aren’t all awaiting every update on its progress but I want people to acclimatise to the new partially depilated me and not freak everyone out by suddenly appearing in public like a half-plucked elephant bird with no forewarning. So this is where we’re at. I’d really like to keep my eyebrows, but it’s out of my hands at this point…”

In July, Theroux shared a selfie showing hair loss to his eyebrow.

In a further update the following month, Theroux said he had begun to lose some hair from his head - as well as his beard and brows - and that he was taking ‘vitamin D, iron, and something called Biotin’ in an attempt to combat it.

In a post this week, Theroux shared a GIF of himself moving his eyebrows, while asking his fans for their opinion.

He’s asked fans for advice.

He wrote: “I’d like to know how I’m supposed to continue a career based largely on raising and lowering different eyebrows WITHOUT ANY EYEBROWS!! #alopecia I’m seriously thinking of getting them tattooed back on but it feels like a big step! Thoughts?”

Theroux was quickly flooded with messages of support and recommendation, with several fans telling him to take the plunge and have his eyebrows micro-bladed.

Featured Image Credit: Instagram/@officiallouistheroux

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