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Madonna sparks outrage after starting show so late that it was cut short

Madonna sparks outrage after starting show so late that it was cut short

Fans were fuming they didn't get to hear and see the final few songs of her Celebration world tour.

Madonna kicked off her Celebration world tour in London over the weekend and fans were seriously impressed with her.

At 65 years of age, the Queen of Pop has reminded everyone how and why she received that nickname.

She busted out more than two dozen songs from her four-decade career and she has some impressive visuals and dancers to up the ante.

However, in classic Madonna style, she still hasn't been able to start on time.

The Daily Mail says her second show at London's O2 Arena began after 9pm and the venue has a strict curfew policy of finishing at 10:30pm on Sundays.

Kevin Mazur/WireImage for Live Nation

That resulted in the show being cut short by a few songs and fans didn't get to see the likes of 'B***h I'm Madonna' into 'Give Me All Your Luvin' and then 'Celebration' into 'Music'.

Fans took to social media to vent their frustrations.

One said: "I timed to my trip to Europe from Australia for your show last night in London & just like in Brisbane you came on late. The show ended abruptly like it was closing time at a night club and the lights came up.. disappointed we didn’t get a full show 4 ticket price."

Another added: "Madonna please start a bit earlier for your next two @TheO2 shows! Cutting the end of your show is short changing your loyal fans! We all know you’re a rule breaker, so if you run over break the rules and pay the fine! #MadonnaCelebrationTour'. The show was the best thing I’ve ever seen. However, she had to cut the show short and ended with rain due to curfew."

A third wrote: "Very mixed feelings about #MadonnaCelebrationTour last night. The show we got was great but it started v late & therefore we were robbed of a finale /encore. Rain was a terrible song to end on & I left feeling deflated. Not what I & the fans paid a lot of money for."

Some viewers had paid upwards of £1,300 to see the Queen of Pop so you can imagine their annoyance when they didn't get to see it finish the way it's meant to.

Madonna is no stranger to turning up late to her concerts and often leaves fans hanging for at least an hour before coming on stage.

It upsets everyone every single time and they're rarely, if ever, given a reason for the delay.

Featured Image Credit: Kevin Mazur/WireImage for Live Nation

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