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Jonathan Ross show viewers think Millie Bobby Brown slipped up and revealed character’s fate in Stranger Things finale

Jonathan Ross show viewers think Millie Bobby Brown slipped up and revealed character’s fate in Stranger Things finale

There's still a way to go until the new season will be here

It’s been nearly eight whole years since Stranger Things began.

Way back in 2016, when the show first landed on Netflix, the world was truly introduced to Millie Bobby Brown.

The star began playing Eleven when she was just 12-years-old and now, as filming for season five is finally underway, she’s 20.

Stranger Things season four premiered back in 2022 and it looks like we’ve got quite a wait for the next episodes - set to be the final - as Brown confirmed on Capital Radio this week.

And last night, the actor appeared on The Jonathan Ross Show alongside the likes of top lad Luke Littler, Brits winner Raye, comedian Rob Beckett, Liam Gallagher and John Squire.

She confessed that she hadn’t yet read the final few scripts but she does already know what happens to Eleven.

And some viewers reckon she might have slipped up despite having to swear secrecy on the character’s fate and the show’s plot.

One user wrote on X: “When Millie Bobby Brown said “I know how she, er, I know what happens to my character” about the Stranger Things final series ending, I bet the Netflix bosses were like nooooooooo!!!!”

And another highlighted Brown’s choice of words: “Millie Bobby Brown - ‘I know how my character,… like what happens to my character.’ On Jonathan Ross.

“‘How’ means dead.”

I mean, take from that what you will, but Brown seemed to have a little brief moment of panic as she tried to correct her wording.

Brown appeared on the ITV show last night.

Hey, she could have meant ‘how things turn out’ rather than ‘how she dies’…

The ending of Stranger Things is kept under tight wraps by Netflix but the stars on the show weren’t holding back in pushing her to reveal all.

But Brown insisted she ‘loves Netflix’ and ‘loves her job’ and ‘wants to be employed by them’ so she wasn’t going to give them any spoilers.

Earlier this week on Capital FM, the star revealed how she found out what would happen to Eleven.

"Well I haven't read the end, I know what happens to my character because I kind of forced myself into the writers' room," she admitted.

"I messaged the directors and said 'Can I come over and have a meeting with you' and then I came over and there was a whiteboard."

So it seems like the cast are being kept almost as in the dark as us.

Brown added: "I saw my ending and thought, 'Oh', and then I walked away very slowly."

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