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MrBeast buys house for Halloween and gives it to random trick or treater

MrBeast buys house for Halloween and gives it to random trick or treater

Imagine being the family who said 'oh we'll go to that house later'

MrBeast has revealed that he bought a house for Halloween and gave it to a 'random trick or treater' who came to the door.

It's only a few days since the YouTuber, real name Jimmy Donaldson, made the odd proclamation that he was 'gonna get cancelled' for his new video where he showed that he was building 100 wells in Africa.

We're not sure why he thought that would get him cancelled as the response to his video has been largely positive, and now he's released another uplifting clip from another video.

On X, formerly known as Twitter, MrBeast explained that he'd bought a house and let a kid who'd come round trick or treating for Halloween know that instead of a sweet treat he was instead getting the keys to the place he'd just called at.

He posted a video of a kid dressed in a cow costume coming to the door of the house he'd bought during Halloween to do some trick or treating.

MrBeast surprised a family by giving their son the keys to a new house for Halloween.

"I like your costume, here's the keys to this house," MrBeast told the boy, dropping them in his bowl of sweets.

The boy's family were out with him and came up, apparently in disbelief that they'd gone trick or treating and ended up with a new house.

They confirmed they'd seen MrBeast's channel so they knew that when he said they were getting the house they'd showed up at, they actually were going to get a new house.

It was pretty much a reaction of shock all round from the family as they were told 'that's the key to this house that you just won' and the kid went in for a hug.

Slightly awkwardly, another kid then showed up to come trick or treating at the house and pretty much just missed out on the opportunity of a lifetime by a matter of seconds.

The family went in for some hugs after learning the house was theirs now.

"I'm glad you guys have seen my videos or this would be very weird," MrBeast quipped as he showed the family around their new home.

The YouTuber also showed the family a selection of other gifts scattered about the house which he told them were now theirs.

After a moment to jump on the beds it was hugs all round for the family with the new house.

Like most of his videos there were plenty of appreciative comments following them, though someone did joke 'imagine like being the kid behind him and getting a bite-sized candy bar or some s**t'.

Fair enough, you'd feel like you really missed out if you were the second kid, but another commenter pointed out that this family 'no longer has to worry about mortgage or rent' which will be a huge financial weight lifted from their shoulders for the rest of their lives.

Featured Image Credit: YouTube / MrBeast

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