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People praise Noel Gallagher for way he dealt with 'cringe' fan following him down street

People praise Noel Gallagher for way he dealt with 'cringe' fan following him down street

That's more patience than most of us would probably have

“He’s a f**king tool and I don’t wanna hang out with him,” Liam Gallagher slammed his brother Noel (on just one of many occasions) to GQ in 2019.

And if Liam can say that about his own brother, you'd probably expect him to be, well, rude to say to the least.

Except the former Oasis singer seemed far from it, and kept very calm when approached by a ‘cringe’ fan following him down the street.

To be honest, Noel had more patience than most probably would have in this situation – the random blokes a little irritating to put it kindly.

Walking along the street in Beverly Hills, California, the musician is minding his business as the fan shouts from behind: “Thanks for your music Mr Gallagher.”

And yeah, it’s innocent enough, but then he carries on.

“Look at the sky, there’s a champagne supernova in the sky,” as he tries to reference the Oasis hit, he shows the pink clouds above them and continues to follow Noel.

The fan seemed to follow Noel down the street.

“Look at that, no, it’s gorgeous up there!”

Noel then stops as he waits to cross the road, with the fan still filming him.

Just trying to mind his own business, the star doesn’t lash out or say anything rude – he just simply seems to try and move away, but fails.

“How you doing sir? It’s great to meet you man,” and not reading Noel’s signals that he’s definitely not engaging in conversation he continues, “If you need a stand in sometime, I can sing pretty well. But I enjoy your solo work it’s phenomenal.”

And then, almost like a nightmare, he starts singing ‘Champagne Supernova’ at Noel.

“Hey man, thanks for your work, what are you thankful for this year?”

The musician eventually replies: “Meeting new friends,” and finally gets to cross the road and free himself from this fan.

Reacting to the clip on X, fans praised Noel for dealing with the situation so well as one wrote: “He will of hated his interaction with every fibre of his being which makes it truly remarkable restraint from him.”

Perhaps some real 'restraint'.

Others called it the ‘most excruciating’ video and asked: “What the f*ck?”

One even put: “If this was Liam instead of Noel the bloke would probably have a bloody nose.”

Many called it ‘cringe’ as others said Noel actually dealt with it like ‘a true gentleman’.

And some even joked: “This would never happen on a British street how embarrassing.”

While it may have been a harmless interaction from an adoring fan, I think that last comment probably has a little truth to it.

Featured Image Credit: tiktok/joy.of.everything

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