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Noel Gallagher ‘waiting for phone to ring’ to get Oasis back together

Noel Gallagher ‘waiting for phone to ring’ to get Oasis back together

The feuding brothers have been teasing a potential reunion

Noel Gallagher says he still hasn't heard from his brother about getting the band back together.

Ever since Oasis split up back in 2009, there's been talk that the feuding Gallagher brothers might patch things up and reunite.

Liam kicked things off last year, claiming his bags were packed and he was ready to go if his sibling wanted to get back on the road.

When pushed on the question of whether Oasis were likely to rejoin anytime soon, the 50-year-old said: "What, getting back together? Not this week, but I mean, I'm ready to go.

"My bags are packed, maybe the week after."

And since then, it's been a constant back and forth between both camps.

Asked about the rumours himself, Noel admitted earlier this year that he couldn't ever say yes or no definitively.

Noel and Liam have been involved in a constant back and forth of late.
Pictorial Press Ltd/Alamy

Speaking to BBC Radio Manchester, the High Flying Birds singer said: "You should never say never. It would have to take an extraordinary set of circumstances.

"That’s not to say that those circumstances would never come about."

After Liam told a fan that an Oasis reunion was 'happening', Noel urged his brother to give him a call if he was really keen on doing something.

Speaking to France Inter Noel was asked if he was aware of the demand for the band to reunite, and responded: “No one has really come along to take our place.”

He then made a nod to the rumours kick-started by his brother, adding: “There’s something in the papers back in England today.”

The rock star went on: “He should get his people to call my people; they know who they are, they know where we are.

"Stop talking on the f**king internet, and let’s see what you’ve got to say.”

Noel says he's still waiting for his phone to ring.
Pub Talk/Twitter

Noel was then asked if it would really just be a mere matter of Liam making a call.

“You would think, right?” he said. “You would think. He’s got my number, he’s got my manager’s number, call us.

"But you know what? He won’t call.”

Well, during an appearance on Talk Sport this morning (31 March), Noel was once again asked about the whole situation.

Host Alan Brazil said that he understood the singer didn't really enjoy talking about Liam, but had to ask the question.

When the presenter suggested he was joking about Liam getting his people to call his people, Noel said: "No he should do it. I'm still waiting for the phone to ring. He should stop yakking on the internet!”

Come on, lads, just do it already.

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