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Peaky Blinders star Paul Anderson breaks silence to address health concerns over his appearance

Peaky Blinders star Paul Anderson breaks silence to address health concerns over his appearance

He explained why he might have looked a bit worse for wear on Instagram

Paul Anderson, best known for starring as Arthur Shelby Jr in Peaky Blinders, has issued an update to fans to address any health concerns fans may have for him.

The actor has spoken up for the first time since he appeared looking very poorly in a recent photo that did the rounds on social media.

The image showed the Brit with a different appearance, which was shared just weeks after he pleaded guilty to being in possession of crack cocaine.

Anderson was meant to reprise his role as Arthur Shelby, older brother of Tommy Shelby (Cillian Murphy), in the upcoming Peaky Blinders movie, following on from the hit BBC series.

The script was reportedly close to being finished, but after being arrested at a pub in Hampstead on Boxing Day last year after the manager smelt 'crack cocaine fumes' from a toilet, according to Mail Online, the production could be in trouble.

He was taken to the police station, where officers found crack cocaine, amphetamines, diazepam and pregabalin on him, according to prosecutor Kevin Kendridge.

Anderson was given a £1,345 fine after pleading guilty to the charges, and fans were worried for his well-being after an image of the star looking unwell surfaced.

Peaky Blinders star Paul Anderson has addressed fans' concerns.

But now, the 46-year-old has reassured his fans that he is fine on Instagram with a snap on the set of The Gray House.

In the Instagram story, he stated: "Thank you for all your love and concern to everyone. I was and have been absolutely flattened by the flu. #nofilter.”

Anderson also put a post up with a couple of photos, saying he is wrapping up on the upcoming TV series.

He also said in an Instagram grid post: “I also want to take time to thank each and every one of you all over the world for all the messages of love and support, I see you and appreciate it humbly and sincerely.

“Always remember nobody cares about the truth when the lie is way more entertaining than the truth. I am back don’t you worry about that.”

Paul Anderson played Arthur Shelby Jr.

While in court, Anderson's lawyer Moira MacFarlane explained that he leaned into the habits of his character in Peaky Blinders, when approached by fans in public.

MacFarlane said: "You will recognise the defendant from a very intense part that he has played in a recent television programme.

"He is often recognised and does his best to please fans of the show by slipping into character. He was recognised that Boxing Day and tried to play up for these people.

"And because of the lifestyle he leads people often give him inducements. He has found himself in an unfortunate position and should have had the strength to say no."

Featured Image Credit: BBC

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