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Rebecca Loos says she was upset when she found out what David Beckham did with her ‘very naughty texts’

Rebecca Loos says she was upset when she found out what David Beckham did with her ‘very naughty texts’

Rebecca Loos claims David Beckham shared their ‘naughty’ conversations.

Rebecca Loos has hit out at David Beckham's behaviour during their alleged affair.

The woman, who claims Beckham had an affair with her whilst living in Madrid, has finally spoken out about the footballer's bombshell Netflix documentary.

In the doc, Beckham, the topic of the affair was touched upon, but neither David nor wife Victoria Beckham confirmed or denied that it happened back in 2003.

However, Victoria did state that it was the ‘hardest period’ for the couple, and that they ‘were against each other’.

Rebecca Loos, on the other hand - she’s not holding back.

She recently revealed that she had ‘naughty’ conversations with David over messages, but was disappointed when she found out that he had been showing them to his friends and laughing.

Talking to the Mail on Sunday, she said: “We were texting and it was getting naughty, it was fun… then suddenly I got a text from the Spanish bodyguard.

“I was very hurt."

“It said, ‘Stop. He’s showing them to all his friends and they are laughing.’ I was very hurt.

“And that hurt and that pain led me to become more laissez-faire and to not give a s**t about keeping this big secret for him.”

Whilst playing for Real Madrid, Rebecca was his personal assistant and she also accused him of playing the ‘victim’ in his new documentary series.

She said: “It’s all, ‘poor me’. He needs to take responsibility. I understand he has an image to preserve, but he is portraying himself as the victim and he’s making me look like a liar.

“If I stay silent I will be known as the liar, the one who made up stories. He is indirectly suggesting that I’m the one who has made Victoria suffer…. He’s the one that’s caused the suffering.

"He talks in the documentary about this ultimately being his private life, shutting it down.

Victoria stated that it was the ‘hardest period’ for the couple.

“I think it’s one thing to keep your private life to yourself. It’s another thing to mislead the public.”

She said that when she told the world about the alleged affair when she was 26, it was difficult because she was going against the ‘most powerful couple in the world’, and said she stuck to the facts.

She also said she has spoken about the documentary, not because it involved her, but because she claims that David makes it look like her ‘fault’.

She continued: “If you don't want to take responsibility for things because of your family and your children that's absolutely fine.

“But he specifically made it look like… my fault, that he had nothing to do with this.”

Featured Image Credit: Niki Nikolova/FilmMagic/Netflix

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