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Rod Stewart leaves £10,000 tip to hotel staff and tells them to ‘stick it on huge bet’

Rod Stewart leaves £10,000 tip to hotel staff and tells them to ‘stick it on huge bet’

They're probably better off just keeping the money

Sir Rod Stewart made the festive season for some hotel staff after he left them a whopping £10,000 tip, though it came with some advice on how to spend it.

The singer spent Hogmanay (New Year's Eve to those of us who are not Scottish) in Perthshire at the Gleneagles Hotel and he seems to have been very happy with the service there.

There with his wife Penny Lancaster and their sons Alastair and Aiden, he posted a family photo on Instagram 'a dedication to my wonderful Scottish father'.

That did slightly blow the whistle on a fact some folks don't know, that end-of-year staple Jools Holland's Hootenanny is actually recorded well before the turn of the new year and their countdown is fake.

That's because Sir Rod appeared on the Hootenanny at the same time as he was relaxing with his family at the hotel.

Still, he definitely had fun ushering in the new year as hotel staff ended up getting an incredibly generous tip from the singer.


He said: "I’ve been lucky enough to stay in some of the top hotels in the world and the service at Gleneagles is second to none.

"The staff do a terrific job at a very hectic time of the year and deserve every penny. It’s Scottish hospitality at its very best.

"I advised the boys and girls at Gleneagles to invest the money wisely – stick the lot on Scotland to win the Euros."

That might not be the best idea, as while most of the betting sites have Scotland at 80/1 or 100/1 to win Euro 2024 and it'd be one hell of a payout if they did win, it's also a sign that they probably won't.

Whether Scotland will even get out of their group with Germany, Hungary and Switzerland remains to be seen, but it would be one hell of a win for the hotel staff if they followed Sir Rod's advice and it paid off.

He suggested the hotel staff put the money on Scotland to win Euro 2024.
Mark Runnacles/Getty Images

However, he's been in trouble for his association with football before as he's been sued for kicking footballs into the crowd at some of his concerts.

He had to knock that on the head after getting into trouble when some people got hit in the face, and he also said those who caught his balls would sometimes get mugged after the concert for them.

Although born and raised in London, Stewart's father was Scottish and when it comes to the beautiful game he supports Scotland and Celtic.

Featured Image Credit: Samir Hussein/Getty Penny Lancaster / Instagram/@sirrodstewart

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