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Soulja Boy announces retirement from Instagram after revealing eye-watering amount he made in one day on TikTok

Soulja Boy announces retirement from Instagram after revealing eye-watering amount he made in one day on TikTok

The rapper announced he is making a move after realising how valuable his online presence is

Soulja Boy is sending kisses through the phone to his fans after they helped him earn a small fortune on TikTok in just one single day.

The rapper, real name DeAndre Cortez Way, reckons the grass is way greener on the video-sharing app rather than Instagram because he watched his bank balance balloon after just one lucrative live session.

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He revealed he is now ditching the Meta platform for good after realising just how valuable his online presence can be.

Soulja Boy said he will be laughing all the way to the bank if his swift success on TikTok continues, as he managed to rake in thousands of dollars in just a few hours.

During what he claimed was his final Instagram Live ever, he explained that he had realised the earning potential he had on the rival social media platform and said he would now only be chatting with fans on there instead.

In between boasting about the big bucks he had earned, the American music star from redirected his 7.2 million followers to take a look at his TikTok account @souljaboytv instead.

Dubbing himself the 'King of TikTok', Soulja Boy told his fans that he had been 'neglecting' his other online pages after noticing that he could earn even more elsewhere.

Soulja Boy excitedly announced he is 'retiring' from Instagram.

He said: "I ain't gonna lie y'all, Instagram ain't got no motion. I'm finna retire from Instagram, I need everybody to follow me on TikTok.

"We were in the top ten over the last two days on live stream, so I'm retiring from Instagram Live, you feel me?

"I won't be going live on nothing but TikTok. Yeah man, I'm retiring from Instagram Live.

"Y'all can have Instagram, I retire. This s**t over with."

Soulja Boy then revealed the eye-watering amount he had earned on the video-sharing platform in just one single day.

He excitedly announced that he had raked in a whopping $17,833 (£13,869) from just one TikTok live.

The star continued: "This is just off of one day! This is just off of one live! OK, cool! Goodbye Instagram! It was fun while it lasted. Y'all catch me on TikTok in the TikTok world.

"I can't believe I even went live on this app. I'm gone!"

The rapper raked in thousands of dollars after just one live on TikTok.

TikTok users can send virtual 'gifts' to their favourite creators which are equivalent to varying monetary values, while the flurry of engagement from fans during lives also gives them a welcome boost in terms of visibility on the app.

The tech giant also launched its 'Creator Fund' last year in the aim of rewarding influencers more fairly for their work, which pays people in relation to how many views their videos acquire.

It seems Soulja Boy is taking inspiration from the horde of social media stars who have made a pretty penny on the video-sharing app, and is now officially taking his talents elsewhere.

And his supporters promised to be right behind him, with fans heaping praise on the 'Crank That' rapper for hopping on the TikTok gravy train.

One said: "Bro is a bag chaser, you gotta respect it."

Another joked: "Instagram: 'Wait, Soulja Boy, come back! We'll double it!'"

A third added: "That is crazy off one day... $17k."

A fourth commented: "Good bag of cash for a day. I’d move to."

And a fifth chimed in: "Now THAT is monetisation."

Featured Image Credit: Instagram/souljaboy

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