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SpongeBob SquarePants makes brutal Leonardo DiCaprio joke after camera shows him at Super Bowl

SpongeBob SquarePants makes brutal Leonardo DiCaprio joke after camera shows him at Super Bowl

The cartoon character went after DiCaprio at the Super Bowl

SpongeBob SquarePants made a brutal Leonardo DiCaprio joke during the Super Bowl coverage.

Yep, the cartoon character absolutely went for the Hollywood star as he 'watched' the Kansas City Chiefs face the San Francisco 49ers.

While most people probably watch the NFL game with more typical sports commentators, Nickelodeon offer up a bit of an alternative.

The kids’ channel in the US offers coverage of the Super Bowl with commentary from SpongeBob SquarePants characters alongside a few actual real experts.

SpongeBob and Patrick Star are calling the game alongside CBS Sports analyst Nate Burleson and play-by-play announcer Noah Eagle while Larry the Lobster does live commentary and Sandy Cheeks reports from the side-lines.

SpongeBob made a dig as Leonardo DiCaprio appeared.

Oh and there’s plenty other Nickelodeon characters making appearances too - like Dora the Explorer.

But just because their kids’ cartoons doesn’t mean they aren’t making some savage digs - and viewers have been loving it.

As DiCaprio was shown on screen having a little drink in his box, the characters made simple jokes about his name as SpongeBob SquarePants said: “Leonardo DiCaprio! 25!”

And then after some laughter, he clarified: “That was about his dating history.”

This is of course a dig at the running joke that the 49-year-old actor only dates women who are under the age of 25.

One user wrote on X: “Idc about the NFL but I decided to throw on the Nickelodeon broadcast of the game & I just listened to SpongeBob make a joke about Leonardo DiCaprio only dating women in their early 20s on national TV and I think that's great.”

SpongeBob is covering the game.

Others laughed as they posted: “Not SpongeBob making a Leonardo DiCaprio 25 joke.”

Many clearly rate the Nickelodeon coverage as they urged others to get it on too as someone else put: “SpongeBob just made a Leonardo DiCaprio '25' joke. You guys need to be watching this Nickelodeon broadcast asap.”

Another echoed: “Nickelodeon is wild. They showed Leonardo DiCaprio and SpongeBob just replied with ‘Leo! 25!’ Lmao what a burn.”

While one user added: “So glad I switched to Nickelodeon to hear SpongeBob make a joke about Leo DiCaprio only dating ppl under 25.”

Many said it was a ‘gag and ‘f**king killed’ as they admitted to not knowing ‘how to react’ hearing the dig come from SpongeBob’s voice.

And one wrote: “This is the greatest commentary team I have ever heard in my entire life.”

And another admitted it was ‘NOT on their Super Bowl bingo card’.

LADbible has contacted DiCaprio's representatives for comment.

Featured Image Credit: Nickelodeon

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