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The Duffer Brothers say the final season of Stranger Things is like 'season one on steroids'

The Duffer Brothers say the final season of Stranger Things is like 'season one on steroids'

Looks like the show will be returning to its roots.

The Duffer brothers have teased the final season of Stranger Things, calling it 'like season one on steroids'.

The creators of the hit Netflix show recently sat down with The Guardian to discuss the upcoming instalment, and boy, did they get us excited.

The sci-fi series, which first landed in the summer of 2016, will finally conclude after five chapters, with the brothers hinting the show will return to its roots.

“This season – it’s like season one on steroids,” Matt Duffer told the outlet.

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“It’s the biggest it’s ever been in terms of scale, but it has been really fun, because everyone’s back together in Hawkins: the boys and Eleven interacting more in line with how it was in season one.

"And, yes, there may be spin-offs, but the story of Eleven and Dustin and Lucas and Hopper, their stories are done here. That’s it."

**Slowly sheds a tear**

Elsewhere in the interview, the brothers also spoke candidly about the pressure of capturing a satisfying ending, likening it to opening a new restaurant, adding there's an '80 per cent success rate'.


Matt added: "I think one very particular way to fail is to attempt to appease everybody.

"We have a huge variety of fans that span a huge age range and I’m sure they have all their own ideas of how they want the show to end.

"But we’re not consulting social media on this. Then you just hope and pray that it resonates. But it was funny: once we got there, it just felt right and we’re going to go for it!”

The brothers joked that when the series ends, they'll probably go through the five stages of grief, adding they'll be sad to let go of these characters they created almost a decade ago.

According to CBR, the production of Stranger Things was delayed due to the SAG writers' strike; however, the script has since been completed.

CBR reported that principal photography would take place sometime around January 2024.

The release date is yet to be announced.

Featured Image Credit: Presley Ann/Getty Images for Netflix. Netlfix

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