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Chris Evans' dog Dodger gets his own shirt from The Gray Man

Chris Evans' dog Dodger gets his own shirt from The Gray Man

The Hollywood star said the wardrobe department accidentally shrunk his shirt so he gave it a new life.

Chris Evans' dog has been gifted one of the best presents in the world.

The Hollywood star has bestowed Dodger with an animal-appropriate version of his blue and white polo shirt from The Gray Man.

All he needs now is a doggy moustache and he'll be the spitting image of his human owner.

Evans wrote on Instagram: "While filming #thegrayman the wardrobe department accidentally shrunk one of Lloyd’s shirts.

"I obviously kept it for one reason."

It's literally the most perfect little thing in the world (except for tiny hole on the back).

People went understandably wild over the post on social media.

One user wrote: "Y’all can be twins for Halloween."

Another added: "I think he wore it better than Lloyd did."


Let's hope Dodger makes a cameo in The Gray Man sequel as Chris Evans' character (spoiler alert) died at the end of the movie.

The Netflix movie saw Evans star alongside Ryan Gosling, who played a covert CIA agent known only as Six.

Six accidentally discovers dark secrets from within the agency, prompting his former colleague Lloyd Hansen (Evans) to place a bounty on his head. 

What follows is a global man-hunt from a bunch of international assassins all hoping to kill Six and get their hands on the money.

The movie also stars Ana de Armas, Billy Bob Thornton and British star Regé-Jean Page.

The flick proved to be a huge hit with fans and many took to social media to demand a sequel ASAP. 

it’s unclear what plot a sequel may have or what the spin-off will centre on. 

Directors Anthony and Joe Russo has previously hinted at a sequel, saying there are ‘many iterations’ of the narrative. 

Speaking to Screenrant, Russo said: "Most things we do here we think about as a narrative universe.

"Certainly, that’s how we approach The Gray Man.

"We have many iterations of this narrative in our minds and it can have a variety of expressions, either in films or series.”

Joe added: "If we’re fortunate enough that the audience embraces this movie and we’re fortunate enough to make more of them.

“The movie’s really about a corrupt and toxic patriarchy. The Old Man is representative of that.

"He’s the ethereal character who floats around in the background and clearly has a lot of power and control but is very nefarious.”

We'll have to wait and see if Dodger gets cast to avenger his owner's death.

Featured Image Credit: Netflix. Chris Evans/Instagram

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