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Chris Hemsworth’s chef reveals the incredible diet he was put on to become Thor

Chris Hemsworth’s chef reveals the incredible diet he was put on to become Thor

If you've ever wanted to look like the God of Thunder then you'll need to be eating a lot.

If you've watched one of the Marvel movies involving Chris Hemsworth then you'll undoubtably be amazed by his physique.

It seemed with every new film he had become bigger, stronger and more impressive.

That is down to two very important things: training like a god and eating like a god.

Hemsworth's chef, Dan Churchill, has lifted the lid on what goes into the actor's mouth during those gruelling months where he is getting ready for a role.

Anyone who has tried bulking up will know that you have to eat a lot and Chris is no exception to that rule.

Churchill told the Daily Mail that the Aussie star would consume 4,500 calorie a day (yes, in one day) for his training.

Men, on average, will knock back around 2,500 calories in a single day, so the fact Chris is nearly doubling that is incredible.

But hey, you don't get to the size of Thor without going above and beyond.

Churchill would break down those 4,500 calories into 10 meals and they would consist of steak, rice-based dishes, broccoli, chicken, and banana protein shakes.

"Chris is an unbelievable ambassador to Australia, and I'm so blessed to work with him," Dan told the outlet.

"Chris is truly a top bloke with a heart of gold. He leads by example, he's just a really cool person and he's very relatable."

In addition to sorting out Thor's diet, he also creates recipes for people who use the actor's lifestyle and training app Centr.

Churchill contributes to the bonus workouts and challenges on the app.

He said Hemsworth has 'a lot of discipline' when he's put on a diet and training regime and he 'often has to sacrifice taste and flavour to get the job done'.

The chef has given his advice to people on what they should do if they want to be the best at at-home cooking.

"A big mistake home cooks make is adding salt too early," he said to the Daily Mail.

"For example, if you're making a soup or anything with sauce, your dish will concentrate as the liquid evaporates - and then you can make it too salty."

He's also suggested using more lemon juice in every dish, grating garlic into a paste before cooking, and using blitzed tofu as a creamy sauce for lactose intolerant people.

So there you have it, if you want to get to Hemsworth's size and already have a good training regime, you know what to do.

Featured Image Credit: Instagram/Chris Hemsworth. Marvel/Disney

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