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Rapper replaces fog machine by blasting weed smoke into crowd

Rapper replaces fog machine by blasting weed smoke into crowd

Chucky Chuck created a fog of weed smoke at his gig.

After taking to the stage at California's Kushstock Festival, rapper Chucky Chuck replaced a classic fog machine with an industrial-sized weed blaster.

Keeping on-brand with the gig he was playing at Adelanto Stadium, the musician delighted - and mellowed out - his fans by pumping weed smoke into the crowd.

Chucky Chuck teamed up with two different custom cannabis companies - Elite Solutions and Smoke Busters - to create the weed blower.

Posting a video from the festival, the 'Tight Rope' rapper wrote: "F*ck a fog machine, we had @elite_solution and @essmoke busters on deck last night at Kushstock in Adelanto."

He continued: "Nothing but vibes all day mad love @kushstockcali @kushed_out_818 @garage_powder @donutz4dollarz @mikeceo1 @bvrbiexx everyone that rocked with me performed vended or just came to have a good time [shout] out to everybody involved".

The weed 'cannon', which pretty much looks like a leaf blower, has a glass tube full of weed attached to it, and once it's lit, it can give the person on the receiving end a serious hit.

You have to admit, Kushstock does seem like the perfect place to test out a contraption like this.

The festival, which has thousands of attendees at its events, offers the best cannabis brands in the legal California market and allows ticket-holders to purchase weed from licensed retailers while enjoying live performances.

By the looks of things, this crowd was definitely into Chucky Chuck's special effects, but probably went back to their tents smelling pretty funky.

And fans are already looking for tickets to the rapper's next gig, now that they know what's on offer.

After Chucky Chuck posted a video of the gig to his Instagram, fans let him know that they were definitely into his new stage show.

"This is the f**king best", wrote one follower.

"That's hard af ", commented another.

"Hell yeah till next time", added a third.

California became the first US state to allow medicinal cannabis use, and has since legalised adult recreational use of the drug.

Marijuana is also legal for recreational purposes, as well as medicinal use, in Arizona, Colorado, Connecticut, Illinois, Maine, Massachusetts, Michigan, Montana, New Jersey, New Mexico, New York, Nevada, Oregon, Rhode Island, Vermont, Virginia, and Washington.

So, it's not likely that this rapper will be able to bring his state-of-the-art weed machine with him to every gig, but it's definitely something that some of his fans are hoping to see again.

Featured Image Credit: Instagram/@chuckychuckdgaf

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