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Coachella Fans Mistake Damon Albarn For Billie Eilish's Dad As He Makes Surprise Appearance

Coachella Fans Mistake Damon Albarn For Billie Eilish's Dad As He Makes Surprise Appearance

When Albarn joined Eilish on stage many showcased their confusion on social media

Billie Eilish's Gen Z fans hilariously mistook Blur frontman Damon Albarn for the 'Bad Guy' singer's father during her Saturday night set at Coachella.

The 20-year-old singer welcomed Albarn, 54, on stage to perform 'Getting Older', and the classic 'Feel Good Inc' by Albarn’s band Gorillaz.

Although, when Albarn OBE joined Eilish on stage, many of Eilish's fans - who are potentially on the younger side - made clear on social media they had no idea who Albarn was.

Albarn performing in August 2021.

Some thought the 54-year-old was Billie's father, while others brilliantly thought Elton John had taken to the stage.

One user tweeted: "Who is that old man?"

While a second fan added: "It’s so funny the way none of us know who that old man is."

A third commented: "Omg everyone in the chat thinks Damon Albarn is Billie Eilish's dad."

While another said: "My mum's watching Billie Eilish perform at Coachella and they said, 'Is that Billie's dad on stage with her?'. They showed me their phone and it was Damon Albarn."

Someone else admitted: "I thought Damon Albarn was Billie Eilish’s dad for a minute."

Other's, however, who are over the age of 25, couldn't fathom how people didn't know who the singer is.

One wrote: "How can some people not know who Damon Albarn is?"

Well it seems the performance went pretty smoothly and fans definitely looked to enjoy it.

Although fan was 'absolutely crying over Damon Albarn singing Billie Eilish’s lyrics wrong and Billie laughing at it'.

Another fan decided to question why Eilish chose to perform with Damon after a supposed feud with Taylor Swift.

They wrote: "Why did she have to choose HIM?! Aren’t they friends with Taylor?! Wasn’t he at her last birthday party??? Why would he choose bringing a guy who has a feud with Taylor?"

Someone else hit back and argued: "Cause it’s Damon Albarn????"

To which, the person replied: "Never heard of him actually b4 the Taylor drama."

The other fan responded: "Not his fault you don’t know music!"


One singer who certainly put on a show at Coachella was Harry Styles, who performed with Shania Twain.

Twain led the tributes to the 'Watermelon Sugar' singer, writing: "Music icon. Fashion icon. And true friend I am honoured and thrilled to have joined @Harry_Styles onstage for his @coachella debut.

"What a magical moment!! And I mean c'mon... WHAT A SHOW I'm a huge fan! Grateful we got to create this memory together - Thank you Harry."

Others shared in Twain's enthusiasm, with one writing: "The Fact that Harry Styles is still in his 20s, having a Grammy & Guiness expressing himself as LOUD as he can, feeling comfortable in his own skin, releasing music he loves & owning a stage before 125K people at Coachella singing Boyfriends makes me Goddamn proud #HarryStyles."

Featured Image Credit: Coachella/YouTube

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