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Culprit behind BBC studio live sex noise prank during FA cup has come forward

Culprit behind BBC studio live sex noise prank during FA cup has come forward

The embarrassing scenes played out on live TV earlier this evening

The culprit behind the porn noise that played out live during the BBC’s coverage of Liverpool versus Wolves has been revealed.

In case you missed it, earlier this evening, Gary Lineker found himself upstaged during the live broadcast as he attempted to introduce his fellow pundit Alan Shearer to talk about the FA Cup game.

Check it out here:

While Lineker tried to talk to the camera, what sounded like loud sex sounds blasting out from somewhere in the studio.

Somehow managing to remain professional despite the unusual interruption, Lineker said: "I don't know who is making that noise but Alan Shearer is on the commentary gantry."

He added: "It is toasty in this studio, it is noisy as well. I am not sure if someone is sending something on somebody's phone."

And now the culprit has been revealed as YouTuber Jarvo69, aka BMWJarvo, who claimed he was responsible and shared a stream of the prank, which was apparently pulled off by sneaking onto the set and taping a phone out of sight.

Gary Lineker managed to see the funny side.

During the livestream, the YouTuber can be seen standing in front of a TV as he explains: “Here we are. We have set up a phone with a loud sex noise in the BBC studio at the Wolves V Liverpool FA Cup replay.”

He then starts talking to someone on a phone, who is seemingly in the BBC studio, and can be seen waiting somewhat impatiently for the prank to get underway.

When he’s given the go-ahead from his pal on the other end of the line, he begins to ring the phone and - thanks to a TV on the wall behind him - we can hear the porn noises start to blast out, much to his delight.

Lineker has since shared a snap of the hidden phone alongside the caption: "Well, we found this taped to the back of the set. As sabotage goes it was quite amusing."

The culprit livestreamed the prank.
Jarvo69 aka BMWJarvo

And viewers certainly thought so, as shortly after the bizarre scenes aired on BBC One, football fans flocked to Twitter to take the p**s.

Posting footage of the incident, one amused user wrote: "Omg on BBC One."

Someone else said: "How are they still trying to go on with business as usual? I'm crying man."

While a third said: "Someone is literally playing loud porn noises on BBC One and they're just continuing like nothing is happening..."

A BBC spokesperson told LADbible: “We apologise to any viewers offended during the live coverage of the football this evening. We are investigating how this happened.”

Featured Image Credit: @jarvo69/Twitter/YouTube/BBC

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