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Sheila Hancock says she's not invited back to Gogglebox after complaining about watching Naked Attraction

Sheila Hancock says she's not invited back to Gogglebox after complaining about watching Naked Attraction

The former Celebrity Gogglebox star said she complained about having to watch Naked Attraction.

If you've ever landed on E4 after 10pm, you might've seen a random man’s willy staring back at you via Naked Attraction.

The dating show (we use that term very loosely) with a twist is often featured on Gogglebox to capture the shock of viewers in real life.

But one viewer who was very unimpressed by seeing so many penises on her TV screen is Dame Sheila Hancock.

The former Celebrity Gogglebox star, 90, has since claimed that she was not invited back to the show after complaining about having to watch countless clips from Naked Attraction.

Hancock shed light on her exit, telling the Mirror: “I used to love doing it with Gyles but they sacked me from that. Well, they did not ask me back.

Sheila Hancock enjoyed her time on Celebrity Gogglebox except the penises.
Channel 4

“I think it was because there were a lot of shows with penises in and because it went down [well] with the audience, they kept showing them to us.”

Hancock said she spoke to someone who worked on Gogglebox and basically asked for a respite from all the phalluses.

“Eventually I phoned up the lady on the edit and said, ‘I am enjoying the show, but do you think we can have anything other than penises?’ and she was quite angry.”

LADbible has contacted Channel 4 for comment.

Hancock used to appear on the show with Maureen Lipman and Gyles Brandreth. Last year Lipman explained her exit and blamed all the nudity she had to see while reacting to the week’s biggest TV shows.

Hancock was not invited back.
Steven May / Alamy Stock Photo

“I went in imagining that they wanted me for my wit and my brain,” the actress, 76, said. “Of course, they just want to show you willies and for you to be shocked.

“Honestly, we were really funny together, but none of that was used. And if they don’t want to use what we gave them, f*** them.”

Naked Attraction is certainly in a league of its own when it comes to dating TV. With all the Love Island clones out there, that’s quite an achievement.

The Anna Richardson-hosted show debuted in 2016 and has since aired a whopping 10 series since. A clothed person is given six naked bodies to choose from who are initially hidden in booths. They bodies and faces are gradually unveiled from behind a coloured screen as one person is eliminated at each round until only two are left. The clothed person then takes their own kit off and chooses the lucky person they want to take on a date.

The show has faced numerous Ofcom complaints but the broadcasting watchdog confirmed in 2017 it will not investigate it because the nudity does not go against its rules.

Featured Image Credit: Shutterstock/Channel 4

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