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What Is Dan Walker’s Salary?

What Is Dan Walker’s Salary?

Home-viewers are now wondering what kind of salary the presenter is on.

Following Dan Walker’s recent move from the BBC to Channel 5, home-viewers are now wondering what kind of salary the presenter is on. 

The journalist recently announced that he would be departing from his role on BBC Breakfast to join the team at 5 News and take on the role of lead anchor for their 5 pm news slot. 

What was Dan Walker’s salary at BBC?

In July 2021, Dan Walker was said to have earned £295,000 for the 12 months prior to the annual BBC report for all those earning over £150,000. 

This was an increase of £35,000 from the previous year for the presenter, with Walker earning between £260,000 and £264,999 between 2019 and 2020. 

Between 2018 and 2019, the journalist earned between £280,000 and £284,999 with the broadcasting company. 

What is Dan Walker’s salary at Channel 5?

The details of Dan Walker’s new salary at Channel 5 have not yet been revealed. 

However, the presenter said that leaving the BBC was “probably the hardest decision I’ve had to make in my career”, and insisted that money was not what motivated him to leave. 

“I think sometimes opportunities come along and you have to grab them, don’t you?” he said in a recent edition of BBC Breakfast. 

“And I’ve never ever been motivated by money in any job that I’ve ever taken, and even though I love BBC Breakfast, everybody that works on the show, this is a fantastic opportunity to work with a brilliant team at Channel 5 and also go and make some other programmes outside of news.”

Featured Image Credit: Gary Mitchell, GMP Media / Alamy Stock Photo

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