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What is Dan Walker’s Net Worth in 2022?

What is Dan Walker’s Net Worth in 2022?

The popular presenter is leaving the BBC for Channel 5

Dan Walker is a television presenter, journalist, newsreader and sports commentator who is best known for his work on BBC Breakfast, Football Focus and Match of the Day. 

Dan started working on BBC Breakfast in 2016, and after six successful years he has now made the decision to say goodbye. Dan may be leaving the BBC but viewers will be pleased to know he isn’t leaving the industry completely. He has made the decision to continue to present news, instead working for Channel 5. 

What is Dan Walker's Net Worth?

As of 2022, Dan Walker has an estimated net worth between £800,000 and £4 million, an amount he amassed over his time as a presenter with reports stating he earned a salary of around £295,000 as an anchor on BBC Breakfast

Dan began his professional career on a local commercial radio where he made a name for himself as the match day commentator for Manchester’s Key 103K radio station. After success there he moved to his first role as a TV presenter for Granada, which he later left to present Football Focus in 2009. However after twelve years he left Football Focus in 2021. During these years he also worked as a TV presenter, joining the BBC in 2016 where he started off co-hosting with Louise Minchin

Dan Walker during the Pro Am ahead of the BMW PGA Championship at Wentworth Golf Club on May 23, 2018 in Surrey, England
Paul Terry Photo/Alamy Live News

Although Dan does not speak much about his earnings, he previously opened up about his salary in an interview with the Radio Times, admitting he puts in a lot of effort into his work to justify the money he gets paid. He was quoted saying “I do provide good value. I work my backside off six days a week and I have done for a long time”. 

Over his career Dan has worked across many different industries, earning money presenting or commentating for companies, however in more recent years he has also been frequently invited onto celebrity shows such as Strictly Come Dancing (taking part in the 2021 season) which has further added to his overall net worth.

Dan himself has said he feels “privileged and thankful for his job”, admitting again that he “gets paid a lot”. Dan and his wife Sarah live with their three children in a family home in Sheffield, which includes a home office where he keeps his football trophies and achievements, and an outside gazebo area with a huge projector screen. 

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