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People sickened by new Netflix series where siblings help each other find love

People sickened by new Netflix series where siblings help each other find love

Dated and Related will be coming to Netflix on 2 September

Netflix has announced a new dating show where siblings are helping each other find love, and people are seriously grossed out. Watch the trailer below:

Dated and Related will be coming to the streaming service on 2 September and will be hosted by former Too Hot To Handle star Melinda Berry.

The show will see 16 single contestants - all sibling pairs - enter a villa in the South of France before going on a series of dates in front of their brothers and sisters.

It has the potential to be one of the most awkward dating shows in history, and many people agree – especially given the programme’s name.

Taking to Twitter, one user wrote: “They may want to rethink this title.”

Dated & Related offers a bizarre twist on the dating show.

Someone else commented: “At first when I read Dated & Related I felt ill.”

“Excuse me?! Dated and what?!!!...My mind is going crazy,” said another.

Another user added: “Anyone else immediately think they were promoting incest…a rethink on the series name is needed ASAP.”

While someone else wrote: “Thought this meant people dating their siblings at first.”

Others highlighted that they were so shocked by the title that they think whoever created it needs to leave their job, saying: “The idea is weird enough alone, although I’m not sure who came up with the name, that deserves a P45 I reckon.”

The contestants taking part in the new show span from across the globe with brothers and sisters hailing from the UK, Norway and the US.

During the show’s trailer, viewers see the couples get up close and personal with other contestants, in front of their brothers and sisters. It makes for some toe-curling cringy moments.

Siblings help each other find love in the show.

Meanwhile Berry teases what’s in store, saying: “Imagine being swept away to a luxury villa in the South of France.

“You're there to find love in the most romantic country in the world with other gorgeous singles. Oh, did I not mention the catch?

“You'll be joined by your brother or sister who's also looking for love. Why would anyone do this?

"Because finding love isn't easy and when you're searching for your soulmate it helps to have someone in your corner.

“And that someone knows you better than anyone else.”

It concludes with the key question: “Could your sibling be the answer to finding ever-lasting love or is this the most awkward dating show in history?”

Only time will tell.

Featured Image Credit: Netflix

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