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David Jason has picked his favourite Only Fools episode

David Jason has picked his favourite Only Fools episode

Jason starred in Only Fools and Horses for more than two decades

Only Fools and Horses star David Jason has revealed his favourite episode of the popular BBC sitcom after starring in the show for more than two decades.

Having aired between 1981 and 2003, there are a lot of Only Fools and Horses episodes that could be contenders for a favourite. A total of 64, to be exact.

Starring Jason as Del Boy, Nicholas Lyndhurst as Trotter and a whole host of other familiar favourites in the surrounding roles, there have been multiple storylines over the years that have prompted laughs and remain in the hears of fans nearly 20 years after the show came to an end.

Everyone has their favourite episode of Only Fools and Horses.

Fans have named many episodes as their personal favourites, including Chain Gang, A Losing Streak and Stage Fright, while others have called to mind particular moments, like Del Boy trying his hardest to put up a chandelier.

Jason reflected back on both life and his experience working on Only Fools and Horses in his book The Twelve Dels Of Christmas, when he admitted that attempting to choose a favourite episode was 'a question too knotty to be resolved'.

If he could 'only keep one', however, he named season 6, episode 7, a Christmas special many fans will remember – The Jolly Boys' Outing.

The episode sees Del and the gang go on a road trip to Margate, but naturally things don't quite go to plan.

Jason said the 'enormous comic moment' that is the exploding coach was 'partly' the reason for his choice, but he also drew attention to the sequence in which Harry Nilsson’s song 'Everybody’s Talkin’' is playing while the characters board the bus.

"For me, the magic of Only Fools is compressed into this single sequence... the gang of friends that the cast had become, and the sheer fun of it all. And so many of those faces no longer with us, of course," Jason said.

Jason starred as Del Boy for more than 20 years.

"Nowadays the glimpse of John Challis reaching across to swipe my hat off is so poignant that I practically have to close my eyes, and the whole thing is a world that’s gone. So if someone were to ask me to sum up what, at its very best, it felt like to be in the cast of Only Fools And Horses, I would tell them to watch that sequence."

Jason noted that the show got bigger after the release of The Jolly Boys Outing, but stressed that particular episode encompassed 'what it felt like' to be on the show.

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