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Deleted Harry Potter scene shows Snape like we’ve never seen him before

Deleted Harry Potter scene shows Snape like we’ve never seen him before

The deleted scene shines a whole new light on the professor

Ever think you really know someone and then they do something that completely changes the way you look at them?

Well, this was no different for eagle-eyed Potterheads figuring out a lesser-known fact about Severus Snape in a deleted Harry Potter scene.

The Hogwarts professor is clearly responsible for a whole lot more than just teaching duties. Check it out:

After the books, the films and now the record-breaking video game - it's clear Harry Potter has attracted a cult fanbase eager to unlock all the secrets of the whimsical Wizarding World.

While many have picked up on hidden clues, covert easter-eggs and private in-jokes - one deleted scene from the extended version of the franchise's fourth film, Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, has shown Snape like we’ve never seen him before.

Addressed in the books but not making it to the final cut of the film, the deleted scene shows Snape standing in as some kind of grounds-monitor - but you won't believe what exactly he was monitoring.

The deleted scene shows Snape is a totally different light.
Warner Bros.

The deleted scene begins showing Harry exiting the festivities of the winter Yule Ball into a quiet courtyard where he bumps into two fellow students kissing - one of which turns around and tells him to 'get out'.

Harry then does as he's told and walks away as the two young lovers get back to canoodling.

Yet, the courtyard seemed to a be hotbed for extra-curricular activities as Harry then finds himself next to carriage which is shaking from side to side.

Snape instantly clocks on to what's happening.
Warner Bros.

Peeking into the misty windows of the vehicle, Harry sees another set of two students getting it on in the back seat.

The young wizard promptly makes his exit from the courtyard but not before seeing the Potions Master, Severus Snape, just metres way from the rocking carriage.

Speaking to fellow professor, Igor Karkaroff, Snape instantly clocks on to what's happening.

Running up to the carriage, he casts a spell to open the steamy window and - without hesitation - berates the two students for their misconduct.

The two adolescents awkwardly hop out the carriage, fix up their outfits and make a hasty run for the door.

He says: "Ten points from Hufflepuff, Fawcett! And ten points from Ravenclaw, too, Stebbins!" before slamming the door and picking up his conversation with Igor yet again.

Without hesitation, Snape berates the two students for their misconduct.
Warner Bros

Fans are seeing Snape in a whole new light after catching light of the deleted scene.

One YouTube user posted: "I love the idea that Snape is the self-imposed Hogwarts Sex Police...LOL."

Well, 'Sex Police' definitely doesn't hold the same grandiose that 'Head of Slytherin' does, that's for sure.

"Throughout the rest of the series," another added, "Snape has never shown as much violent determination as he did when he sprinted to that carriage to prevent students from making out!"


A third wrote: "I wish so many scenes weren't deleted from the movie, this is one of those scenes!!"

Echoing a similar sentiment, another added: "I will never understand why this was deleted. Such an important scene."

Others, for the first time, were even able to see the comical side of the otherwise serious and monotone Head of Slytherin House.

"The way Snape runs towards that carriage is freaking hilarious," wrote one person.

Another continued: "I love Snape's little sprint to the carriage."

Others even went as far to call the famed professor 'goofy'.

"Now we know why it was deleted," a final person revealed, "Snape be looking goofy."

Featured Image Credit: Warner Bros

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