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Deleted Peaky Blinders scene which shows Polly predict the future

Deleted Peaky Blinders scene which shows Polly predict the future

Polly's predictions were never wrong.

Warning: Peaky Blinders spoilers ahead!

A deleted scene from season five of Peaky Blinders proves that Polly Gray predicted her son Michael's future.

Of course, now that the hit BBC series is over, fans know that Michael Gray doesn't make it out of the show alive, after a betrayal gone wrong.

But Michael's mother Polly knew long before Peaky came to an end that her son's days were numbered. Take a look:

If you can cast your mind back to season five, Polly told Tommy that she knew there would be a feud within the family.

"There will be a war and one of you will die," she told him, "but which one, I cannot tell."

But a deleted scene shows that Polly actually did know how the Shelby showdown was going to end.

The scene shows the beginnings of Michael and Gina's plot for a 'hostile takeover.'

Before they put their plan in action, the couple decide to visit Polly, who performs a ritual to let them know how it will pan out.

Although Michael makes it out like he and Gina have the whole thing under control, Polly warns Gina that it doesn't look good.

"You're not a woman who understands the hardship of being a widow," Polly warns her.

"It's an outcome you have to consider. That baby inside you. The baby's a boy. That baby's future, you have to consider.

Michael and Gina didn't listen to Polly's warning.

"My son's life, the loss of his life, his body no longer in the bed beside you, you have to consider the possibility of war, you have to consider the march of men, the cut of the blade you have to consider.

"No one need get hurt but the possibility of hurt, you have to consider."

Prompting Gina to touch the water, so she can continue her prophecy, Polly continues: "If you do this then Michael will surely die. The water grows redder. There will be a war in the family and Michael will die."

Gina has no time for Polly's warning, informing her that Michael laughs at her rituals behind her back before leaving in a hump.

Michael quickly follows, telling Polly: "It’s just a bowl of water, mum."

But, lo and behold, Polly was right, as always.

Polly knew Michael was going to die.

In the series finale, Michael and Gina's plans have moved forward, and they're in the process of plotting to have Tommy killed as revenge for Polly's death.

Michael plans to execute his cousin via a bomb that has been planted in his car. But our Tommy is always two steps ahead, and had the bomb moved to the rear of the car so that, when it goes off, it takes out Michael's gang.

Tommy then shoots Michael right in the eye, killing him immediately, just as Polly predicted.

Featured Image Credit: BBC

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