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Snowboarder Didn't Realise He Was In Massive Danger Until He Watched Video Back

Snowboarder Didn't Realise He Was In Massive Danger Until He Watched Video Back

DJ Alok recorded the event on an action camera but only noticed the bear when reviewing the footage later that day

It often feels as if every second of our lives on earth is now recorded in some way, be it in a photo or video, or on an audio recording.

Looking back on these photos can be amusing when you notice unexpected objects or people posing in funny shapes in the background.

That's exactly what happened to one of the world's best DJs, DJ Alok (real name Alok Achkar Peres Petrillo), best known for his single Hear Me Now.


Alok, 30, had been taking a break from snowboarding among the trees in the French Alps.

Standing back up with one arm clutching an action camera recording his journey down the mountain, an enormous bear thundered out of the trees only 10m behind him.

Alok failed to notice the bear and continued to descend the slope while his predator chased behind.

Eventually the bear fell down into a seated position after realising its prey was riding too fast to be caught.

And the whole incident was caught on camera by Alok, who only discovered it when viewing the material later on that day.


He posted the video on his Instagram and wrote: "Watch until the end. I was watching some videos of the trip and this day was crazy!

"I was checking some videos from my trip and… What a day!”

Alok had travelled with his wife Romana Novais to France earlier this month for the trip, and may think twice before sitting down in a well-covered mountainous area again.


One user commented: "There was a bear behind you! You didn't see it at the time, did you? I've watched this videos 28,363 times because I couldn't believe it!"

Another commented: "If that were me, I would have panicked and fallen over 300 times."

Alok was ranked the fourth best DJ in the world by DJ Mag in 2021 - the highest position occupied by a Brazilian.

But that will be no surprise to people who know his parents were the pioneering DJs who brought the psytrance movement into Brazil.


Alok has been a DJ since 2004 and won the 'best remix' award at the International Dance Music Awards in 2019 for his Piece Of Your Heart production.

Following his lucky escape, he will be performing at London's famed Ministry of Sound club on 12th March.

Featured Image Credit: Credit: Newsflash