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Ed Sheeran lookalike 'Ned Sheeran' banned from TikTok for looking too much like singer

Ed Sheeran lookalike 'Ned Sheeran' banned from TikTok for looking too much like singer

It took him a little while to get his account back up and running

An Ed Sheeran lookalike who is so close to the real thing ended up getting banned by TikTok as the site thought he was pretending to be the singing star.

Ty Jones has been blessed with an appearance that makes him look uncannily like Sheeran, to the point that he's been able to forge a career and relationship thanks to his lookalike status.

However, recently he ran afoul of TikTok after getting his account briefly banned for looking too much like Sheeran.

TikTok does not allow accounts to impersonate other people, though Ty has always been clear that he's not actually Ed Sheeran and his account does not name him as Ed Sheeran.

On top of that, the videos he posts of himself singing on TikTok make it clear he's not got Sheeran's singing voice (sorry Ty, but then again who does?).

Ty Jones (left, I think) looks uncannily like Ed Sheeran.
Ty Jones

According to The Sun, Ty got banned from TikTok and when he tried to appeal was told his account 'violated our Community Guidelines and cannot be restored' but it was later reinstated.

"It’s quite obvious I’m a lookalike. I actually can’t sing. People always comment on my videos, saying, 'Oh my God, it’s Ed Sheeran'," he told The Sun.

"I’m always repeating myself saying, ‘I’m not Ed’. Sometimes I have it in bold writing. I feel like it’s discrimination because I can’t change the way I look. Just because I look like Ed Sheeran, does that mean I can’t make TikToks?

"I make videos of me living my life as an Ed lookalike. It’s my full-time job. I was keen to promote what I do and market my business."

It's important to note the difference between being an Ed Sheeran lookalike who is honest about themselves not really being the guy, and actually pretending to be Ed Sheeran.

"It’s quite obvious I’m a lookalike. I actually can’t sing."
Ty Jones/Cameo

Ty once told LADbible that people have sometimes been left 'crying and shaking' when they've seen him, thinking they're about to meet the real Ed Sheeran.

He said he felt 'guilty' when he had to tell excited fans he wasn't the real Ed, though one Sheeran superfan doesn't seem to mind the difference as Ty's girlfriend Amanda used to joke that she'd marry Sheeran.

The couple have had a baby together named Cherry Rose after the singer's wife and best of all they met at an Ed Sheeran gig.

As for Sheeran himself he recently won a plagiarism trial where he said he'd quit music if he lost, so you can expect more songs from him in the future.

LADbible has contacted TikTok for comment.

Featured Image Credit: Ty Jones / Cameo Insta / Ed Sheeran

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