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Emilia Clarke was shocked by Jason Momoa's replacement for modesty sock during sex scene

Emilia Clarke was shocked by Jason Momoa's replacement for modesty sock during sex scene

Jason's hilarious stunt made everyone on set feel more at-ease.

Most Game Of Thrones fans know by now that Emilia Clarke and Jason Momoa had the sweetest friendship onset, despite what might have gone on between their characters.

The two actors played Daenerys Targaryen and Khal Drogo respectively, a couple whose relationship started off on fairly violent terms - making for some harrowing scenes of sexual violence - before Daenerys seemingly developed Stockholm Syndrome and fell in love.

And to make sure his co-star was comfortable and keep things light while filming some of their more distressing scenes, it turns out Jason Momoa pulled some wild stunts - much to the shock of Emilia herself.

Emilia recalled her pal's hilarious prank during an appearance on The Graham Norton Show, explaining: "There was the lovely, erm, the lovely ra*e scene early on in season one... so obviously, there's nudity and you kind of have to try to lighten the mood.

"Not only was it a sex scene, it was a violent sex scene, so he decided for one of the scenes... not use a modesty sock, but use a beautiful pink, fluffy sock."

Speaking of her shock, the actor added: "So, getting that close-up of me looking petrified, just like' I didn't want it to happen, it's huge and it's pink and I don't know what to do!'"

Jason Momoa tried to lighten the mood during the more intense scenes.

Jason has also opened up about his decision to ditch the modesty sock for a pink fluffy number.

During a Game of Thrones Q&A, Jason recalled the exact same incident, sharing: "I was in Belfast and it's December, and we're going to shoot and it's freezing and I'm the last one at Titanic studios.

"It's cold... and I'm naked and I've got to walk into a room and show my ass and [Emilia] has to be looking at me, so I go in there and was like, 'Make this done... let's roll.'

"And I just wanted to get this done but the thing is, it was the only scene that was supposed to be in the very beginning and it got bumped, it got bumped, it got bumped and finally...I was the first one there, and I was the last f***ing thing to shoot. So I stayed there the whole time, but I shot the last scene of the whole thing. And I was like; 'I'm going to have some fun with this.'

"So I went down and bought a little bag of these socks. Some fluffy pink polka dot socks with little animals and I put it in...appropriate places. I look around and there are these grips walking around everywhere and I'm like, 'Whatever, it's like a locker room. It's all a part of making [Emilia] laugh.'"

Jason Momoa always tried to get Emilia to laugh during their scenes.
Everett Collection Inc/Alamy Stock Photo

He continued: "I turn around and I'm walking towards her and am just doing ridiculous moves just to make fun of her close-up, and she's trying to hold it together, but she keeps laughing."

When the director called Emilia out for laughing, she cried out: 'Jason has a fluffy pink thing on his... penis.'

Eventually, the crew had to shoo Jason away to get through the scene without a laugh.

"And I was like: 'I'm the only f***er in here naked! I don't see anything more appropriate than me having a good time. I mean, this is awkward. Just let me make her laugh and I'll try to get through this.'"

Featured Image Credit: HBO

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