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Emily Ratajkowski has message for 'white men' on dating apps after joining one

Emily Ratajkowski has message for 'white men' on dating apps after joining one

Emily Ratajkowski has notes for you.

Emily Ratajkowski has taken the plunge and signed up for online dating - despite being urged not to - and she has a message for the 'white men' she's seen on there.

The model, who was most recently rumoured to be dating casanova extraordinaire Pete Davidson, revealed that she had signed up to Raya, but didn't disclose if she had joined any other apps.

But before you go searching for her, maybe take a look at her critiques first - it might help your chances.

Emily Ratajkowski has seen your dating profiles and she has... thoughts.
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The actress was talking about her love life on her podcast High Low with Em Rata, when she explained that the desire to sign up for online dating overcame her after a 'glass of wine' one night.

"I was defiant because so many people told me not to get it," she admitted.

"A lot of people message me like, ‘Why are you on here?’ and I’m like, ‘No, I’m a woman, I’m a free, independent single woman'."

That being said, Emily has already made a few mistakes signing up to the app.

"There’s some people that I’ve matched with, and I was like, ‘Whoops!’" she recalled.

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Emily also shared that she has gotten a lot of interest - from both men and women.

"I have gotten a few direct requests from women, which is exciting", revealed the author, who appeared to come out as bi-sexual on TikTok earlier this year.

Despite her popularity on the app, she doesn't think she's going to find love on Raya.

"I do feel like this app is very white, and it feels like a particular type of man and a particular type of woman", she noted.

"So I don’t know if I’m going to meet my lady crush on here."

And as far as the men go - particularly the white men - Emily has one main criticism.

"Why do so many white men have pictures of them running,” she wondered. "What do they think they’re signalling with that?"

So that's that - if you've got a running photo on your profile, get rid of it RIGHT NOW!

Emily's move to Raya comes just a month after she was spotted with SNL alum Pete Davidson, sparking dating rumours not long after his split with Kim Kardashian.

However, the two have never officially confirmed the rumours - and there's no suggestion that they've called it quits either.

So just know, if you are lucky enough to find Emily on a dating app one day, there's every chance you could be competing with Pete Davidson - no pressure.

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