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Fans Concerned After Squid Games Star Makes Statement About 'Unnecessary' Season 2

Fans Concerned After Squid Games Star Makes Statement About 'Unnecessary' Season 2

The comments have sparked fears that the second series won't reach the heights of the first, which took the world by storm last year

The first series of Squid Game left fans all over the world baying for more - but an update from one of the show's stars may temper expectations ahead of possible future seasons.

A second series has unofficially been 'announced' by Netflix, as the streaming service's CEO, Fred Sarandos, stated that 'the Squid Game universe has just begun' earlier this month.

However, amid concerns from some fans that a follow up won't reach the incredible heights of the first, star Lee Jung-jae appeared to echo such sentiments in a recent interview.

During a conversation with PEOPLE earlier this week, Lee even claimed that Squid Game's creator, producer and director, Hwang Dong-hyuk hasn't yet mapped out a full story-line for the assumed second season.


“It feels like he’s [Dong-hyuk] really struggling to write the script," Lee said.

“I actually wanted to ask director Hwang about it too,” he said of what to expect in season two.

The South Korean thriller was the surprise smash hit of 2021, breaking records for streams and watch time on Netflix.

Such immediate success left many viewers to ponder whether the same magic could possibly be captured in future episodes.

A recent article in The Gamer added to these fears, after the site published an article focusing on the damaging affect that unnecessary sequels can have on beloved 'one season wonder' TV dramas.

However, while Lee's comments about a possible second season are cause for concern for many, the man himself maintains that he's very much looking forward to seeing what Hwang and the rest of the creative team can conjure up.

Squid Game (Alamy)
Squid Game (Alamy)

“But you know, when there’s this present that you want... you’re waiting for that [and] you’re so excited to get it, you don’t want to have it little by little," Lee added.

"You want the whole package at once, so I’m just waiting for director Hwang to give me the whole scenario, and I’m really excited for it.”

Lee confirmed at that Hwang 'has a lot of different ideas' even if the structure of the series isn't fully fleshed out yet.

The director has already teased some information about the second series, by conceding that the protagonist, Go-hun, and its masked antagonist The Front Man will both be returning for it.

Netflix has also announced the launch of a new reality spin-off show based on the hit series, titled "Squid Game: The Challenge". It will see members of the public take part in Squid Game-like challenges, with the eventual winner pocketing a prize of $4.5 million.

As for the drama series, very little else is known about the future of the franchise that continues to enthral audiences around the globe.

Fans will just hope that Squid Game's eventual return will be worth the wait.

Featured Image Credit: Netflix

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