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​Britain's Got Talent Viewers Spot Gaffe In Number Trick

​Britain's Got Talent Viewers Spot Gaffe In Number Trick

Britain's Got Talent viewers rushed to social media last night to point out the 'awks' gaffe with a guest's number trick.

Magician John Archer roped in presenters Ant and Dec to help with his lottery ticket stunt, which left many impressed.


However, some fans were quick to point out that there was a major issue with the trick that some people - including Ant and Dec - hadn't spotted.

Archer had invited the Geordie duo on stage to pick their own lottery numbers, which appeared on a screen behind him - before producing a lottery ticket that was pre-printed with the exact same numbers. Pretty amazing stuff, right? Well, nearly.

When the camera showed a close-up of the ticket, it transpired that the ticket bore the number '6', rather than the '16' that flashed up on screen behind them.


"Er but he got the numbers wrong it was a 6 on his ticket not 16," someone tweeted.

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Another person said: "@BGT Bit awks when John archer gets the numbers wrong #BGT."

A third added: "While I really enjoyed John Archer on #BGT, I noticed something wrong with his lottery ticket... He is still getting my vote though."

Archer managed to wow the audience and judges with his trick - despite the slip-up - but sadly it wasn't enough to pull him through to Sunday's final.

But while many viewers were pointing out the magician's error, others defended him and said he shouldn't have been booted off the show.

One person tweeted: "Totally disagree with the @BGT result tonight, John Archer was definitely funnier and deserved to go through. You should feel proud of yourself John."

Another also shared her commiserations, commenting: "#JohnArcher such a shame u didn't get through. U have been the most entertaining, of all the shows, by a mile. Idiot judges."

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