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​Captain Marvel Shows How The Avengers Began

​Captain Marvel Shows How The Avengers Began


Jess Hardiman

Jess Hardiman

Right, if you haven't seen the new Captain Marvel film, or don't want to find out anything whatsoever about what goes down, look away now.

Honestly, you've been warned: THIS ARTICLE CONTAINS SPOILERS.

Now that that's out of the way, let's talk - and let's begin with the natural starting point that is the end.

As the film closes, we're given one of the biggest plot details in Marvel cinematic history, as we find out how The Avengers crew came about.

We see Nick Fury planning for a permanent force to deal with the threat of alien invasion. He's looking for inspiration for what he's dubbed 'The Protector Initiative' - knowing full well it needs a snappier name - before he finds a picture of Captain Marvel standing next to her plane.

On her plane it says Carol 'The Avenger' Danvers, prompting him to go for 'The Avengers Initiative'... thus marking the beginning of The Avengers.

Many fans left the cinema impressed by the fact The Avengers have a woman to thank for everything, with one writing: "Move over Thor! We got a new strongest Avenger in town & HER name is Carol Danvers! #CaptainMarvel."

Another added: "The way the Avengers got their name tho??? Damn her POWER #CaptainMarvel."

While we're on the topic of solving questions we never even knew we had, the film also explains how Fury lost that eye: the bloody cat, Goose (who, by the way, everyone is absolutely LOVING).

Goose the cat.

That's right, there's no dramatic backstory other than the damn cat scratched Fury's eye while he was petting it.

Of course, Fury goes on to lie about how he got the injury, coming up with some elaborate tale involving the Tesseract and the Kree, which sounds far more exciting than a little scuffle with a moggy. But we know what really happened, eh Fury?

And there's one other neat detail that didn't go unnoticed: the tribute to the late, great Stan Lee.

Marvel's latest nod to Lee used stills taken from his countless cameos.

The perfect way to let Lee's legacy live on through the big screen, we thought it was a very nice touch indeed.

Featured Image Credit: Marvel

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