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Celebrity Big Brother: India Reveals Why She 'Doesn’t Like Drag Acts' And Becomes The First Housemate Evicted

Celebrity Big Brother: India Reveals Why She 'Doesn’t Like Drag Acts' And Becomes The First Housemate Evicted

Bookies favourite Courtney gave Andrew Brady a makeover, but India revealed that she is no fan of drag before she got the boot.

Tom Wood

Tom Wood

Well, the first week is gone in the Celebrity Big Brother house, and things are ticking along nicely with regards to love triangles, in-house bitching, and now, an eviction.

Yes, India Willoughby was the first housemate to get the heave-ho through the CBB trapdoor back into obscurity.

Admittedly, this isn't the world's biggest surprise as most people wanted her out before the whole thing began (a poll of all 16 contestants found that she was the least popular).

Well, she didn't exactly endear herself to the public by arguing with the other housemates, and revealing that she has 'a fear of drag queens' - Shane Jenek (AKA Courtney Act) is the bookies favourite, and also a drag queen.

India Willoughby After Her Eviction.
Channel 5

In fact, when Shane gave another housemate, Andrew Brady a makeover to look like a drag act she said: "This is going to freak me out guys; I'll just be honest before it turns up. Just so you don't think I'm being funny... I don't know if you know I have a bit of a phobia about drag queens. My heart is racing. As long as he doesn't pester me... and it's nothing personal against Andrew.

"I've got my shades on, I'm going to shut my eyes."

It seems a bit silly, but later on she revealed that there is a more sunbstantial reason behind her dislike of drag acts.

Later on, she revealed that her experiences as a transgender person has played a part in her aversion to the whole thing.

India Willoughby Was Evicted Last Night.
Channel 5

She said: "A man walking in a room in a dress inviting laughter and everyone laughing at it upsets me particularly just because of my background.

"I've got something called gender dysphoria, which is something that you can only resolve really with medical intervention and that's what I've had to do.

"So somebody coming in dressed that way freaks me out. I know it doesn't freak anyone else out because none of you have gender dysphoria - it's not an issue for you whatsoever."

"Transgender people with gender dysphoria have suffered over the years, a lot of laughter

"And I know it's not meant that way, that people who perform drag don't do it intentionally - probably like in the old days when the black and white minstrels used to put on a show and everyone would laugh and cheer and it was the top-rated show in the country, but obviously black people would find that offensive as well.

"I just want to make it apparent to you why I got upset."

Celebrity Big Brother continues tonight on Channel 5.

Featured Image Credit: Channel 5

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