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Netflix Drops New Trailer For Breaking Bad Movie El Camino

Netflix Drops New Trailer For Breaking Bad Movie El Camino

When Netflix dropped the first look at the Breaking Bad movie, titled El Camino, it didn't give us a lot to go on.

Well, we've been thrown a bone as the streaming service has dropped another trailer at the 2019 Emmy Awards.

It's been anticipated that the film would pick up where the series left off, following the show's dramatic conclusion in 2013, which left fans with many unanswered questions about the fates of various characters - especially Walter White's erstwhile partner-in-meth, Jesse Pinkman.


And we've finally been given confirmation that this is the case after the trailer dropped.

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It shows Jesse Pinkman, played by Aaron Paul, sitting in his car listening to a radio broadcast of police investigating multiple people dead after a huge shootout.

Last time we saw Jesse, of course, was at the end of Breaking Bad's final season, as he found himself caught in a gunfight with sinister gang leader Jack's men, which eventually saw a wounded Walter asking his former partner to kill him - but, of course, Jesse refused.


As the final scene played out we could see Jesse grabbing Jack's car, an El Camino - oh right, the title - before screeching away.

So it sounds like his escape hasn't quite been a stress-free departure from his old life - it seems he's a wanted man. Dunno about you, but I am here for this premise.

Interestingly, fans have pointed out that in the radio broadcast, it says that nine bodies have been located. There were eight gang members at that final shootout and Walter White would make the ninth, meaning this could be the big confirmation that Bryan Cranston's character has died.

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