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Today Is The Twentieth Anniversary Of The Release Of 'Rush Hour'

Today Is The Twentieth Anniversary Of The Release Of 'Rush Hour'

Here's another one in a long list of things that make you feel as if your life is slipping through your fingers like sand drips through an hourglass - Rush Hour is 20 years old today.

Yes, if Rush Hour were a person, it would be fully grown, living away from home, and (probably) getting paid more than you.


That said, it's hard to knock it. It's a classic film. Jackie Chan and Chris Tucker joining forces to rescue the kidnapped daughter of a Chinese diplomat. Chan delivering the 'fish out of water' hilarity, and Tucker - well - playing up to a version of Chris Tucker.

Despite that, Carter and Lee have entered into comedy policing folklore, bringing joy to millions worldwide.

Released by New Line Cinema back in 1998, it was a box office hit, earning more than $244m on a $33m budget.

It was so successful that it spawned two sequels, inventively titled Rush Hour 2 and Rush Hour 3. Funny how those Hollywood types come up with this stuff, isn't it?


That said, it's essential watching for anyone who likes the whole buddy cop/comedy film genre. It's also pretty awesome that Jackie Chan does all of his own stunts.

With that in mind, no viewing of any of the Rush Hour films is complete without checking out the bloopers reel at the end. It really gives you a sense of how difficult it must be to be an actor/martial artist of the calibre of Chan.

Well, the martial arts certainly. Less so the acting.

But hey, there's more good news.

The franchise is going to return again, or so it would seem. Earlier this year Chris Tucker confirmed that Rush Hour 4 - yet another catchy sobriquet - is in the works.

He told the Scottish Sun recently: "We are working on Rush Hour 4 and hopefully we can get it together and get it out soon.

"Right now, it's about trying to get the script to be the best it can be then we can go forward with everything else.

"It wasn't always the plan to do a fourth film, the studio said they would if were willing to do it, so we are in the process of getting everyone together.

"Fans do want to see another Rush Hour a lot, they definitely like the chemistry between me and Jackie.

"It's lot of fun and I hope we can get this going soon and get it out there."

Credit: New Line Cinema
Credit: New Line Cinema

Chan also seemed to confirm that they would be coming back earlier this year, when he told The Cruz Show: "For the last seven years, we've been turn[ing] down, turn[ing] down the script, but yesterday, we agreed.

"The script, probably at the end of this month, will have a second draft and next year, [we'll] probably start - if Chris Tucker agrees."

Carter is in, Lee is in. Let's get it on.

Featured Image Credit: New Line Cinema

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