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Extraction 3 is already in development before the sequel has even released on Netflix

Extraction 3 is already in development before the sequel has even released on Netflix

Netflix reckons they have sure-fire hit on their hands.

Attention Chris Hemsworth fans: It is time to gird your loins, because Extraction director Sam Hargrave has revealed he has another film up his sleeve about everyone's favourite black-market mercenary.

Which is pretty wild news, considering Extraction 2 hasn't even come out yet.

The stuntman-turned-director sat down with BroBible to chat all things Extraction and beyond for their Post-Credit podcast.

Hargrave revealed if Extraction 2 is 'well received' by fans, then we will see Hemsworth's Tyler Rake return for yet another high-stakes mission.

"Fingers crossed, if people enjoy the second one, there already is - and this is without spoiling anything - but there is a story in development for a third movie in the works," Hargrave revealed to BroBible.

"What it is exactly, I can’t say right now, but I believe there is another adventure in the wind for Tyler Rake."

Hemsworth, however, recently revealed he felt compelled to take some time off to enjoy the little things with his family while his kids are still young.

Look, a wild Hemsworth has appeared!

Hemsworth told Vanity Fair he isn't retiring, but will be taking a 'more curated' approach to the projects he signs on to.

Hargrave, naturally, was all across this, divulging to fans that they don't need to worry about Hemsworth being recast.

"[Our] desire is to take this character as far as it can go," he said.

He also revealed that the Australian actor and occasional God of Thunder has relished the chance to move away from Marvel's superhero blockbusters.

"I think there are two things that are very enticing to [Hemsworth] because to be heading a franchise that has the emotional core and depth that Tyler Rake does, and still has this globe-trotting, action grittiness to it," Sam said.

"I think those are two pretty cool characteristics and I think he recognises that."

Golshifteh Farahani and Chris Hemsworth in Extraction 2.

Hargrave added: "So when we spoke, yes, he said he would be interested in perhaps reprising the role."

So Extraction fans, this is your mission, should you choose to accept it: if you want another movie for Tyler Rake, make sure you watch the crap out of the second movie.

Vote with your feet, people. This is not a drill.

If it is any consolation, it seems Netflix is expecting the Hemsworth-led film to be a sure thing.

The first film in the trilogy dropped in April 2020, way back when we were all trapped in our houses thanks to the coronavirus.

It was a grim time, but through all the constant rolling news updates and death tallies, Netflix dropped Extraction to give people something to distract themselves with.

Which they did.

The film had been watched by 99 million households in its first four weeks of release.

Hemsworth in Extraction 2.

That was the most-ever view for one of their original films.

Then, in November 2020, Variety reported the film was the fourth-most watched straight-to-streaming title of 2020 up to that point.

Television and streaming was at the beginning of a renaissance, and Chris Hemsworth was leading the charge.

Extraction 2 will drop on Netflix on June 16.

Featured Image Credit: Netflix

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