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People Think They've Spotted Jake Gyllenhaal Filming 'Spider-Man: Far From Home'

People Think They've Spotted Jake Gyllenhaal Filming 'Spider-Man: Far From Home'

Footage seemingly shows the actor on set of the new movie

Claire Reid

Claire Reid

It might be a long-time until we get to see Spider-Man: Far from Home but it looks like we could have got our first glimpse of Jake Gyllenhaal as Mysterio.

In leaked footage seemingly recorded during filming for the new super-hero flick, Gyllenhaal can be seen in a purple and green costume, which many fans have said is definitely Mysterio's garb.

The images and video are said to be filmed in Liberec, Czech Republic. Filming for Spider-Man: Far from Home has been taking place across Europe.

As yet, neither the studio nor the actor have confirmed his role in the movie, but if these images are anything to go by, Tom Holland's Spider-Man could have got himself a pretty impressive nemesis.

Although, speaking earlier this year, Holland admitted that the foe he'd like to be on screen with is actually Venom. I'm sure Tom Hardy will be pleased.

Appearing at the Ace Comic-Con in Seattle, the actor was asked which super-villain he'd most like to see Spider-Man face and he replied, 'Maybe Venom.'

Which, you know, would make sense given that our pal Venom was Spidey's nemesis in the first place, and he's already made an appearance in Sam Raimi's webslinger trilogy starring Tobey Maguire.

However, as the rights to Venom are owned by Sony and Holland's Spider-Man resides in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, it seems unlikely.

But that didn't stop fans from heavily speculating that Holland might make a surprise cameo in Venom - with the film set to be released on Wednesday, it looks like we won't have too long to wait, eh?

Spider-Man: Far from Home is set to hit cinemas in July 2019.

Featured Image Credit: PA

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