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One Second Of Every Episode Of ‘The Office’ Is The Perfect Series Recap

One Second Of Every Episode Of ‘The Office’ Is The Perfect Series Recap

All of the show's nine seasons and 201 episodes have been cut into a huge mashup that'll have you in nostalgic stitches

Nathan Standley

Nathan Standley

Someone has found the perfect way to remember the US version of hit sitcom The Office - by putting together a second-long video clip from every single show, ever, across all of the show's nine seasons.

There has been no shortage of video mashups of the much-loved show, mostly borne out of a nostalgic yearning for the show, which finally drew to a close in 2013.

But if you want a way to relive the entire show in just over four minutes instead of the weeks it would take to binge your way through the whole thing on Netflix, then here is your answer.

Estelle Grignon has taken to YouTube to show off her supercut of the show, cutting each of the 201 episodes into a series of 'one second or so' clips.

The video was posted in August, but fans of the sitcom have since been rushing to see how their favourite show has been has been carved into a Vine-like masterpiece.

NBC/The Office

It may seem strange to think that such a long-running and frankly hilarious show could be successfully worked into a series of such short clips, but the beauty of this new video mashup is that it throws back to some of the most memorable moments of each episode while hinting at the parts it does not feature.

The video is an ode to some of Michael Scott's now infamous quotes (not least the classic 'that's what she said') and some of the more ridiculous moments in the show, including outlandish nudity from Dwight, who is also sick on a car.

But it also pays tribute to one of the show's unique selling points which it largely inherited from Ricky Gervais's UK predecessor - the hilariously awkward silences and uncomfortable looks at the camera that would have you rolling about with laughter.

NBC/The Office

It's a loving ode to one of the best shows in sitcom history - an extremely enjoyable way to spend four minutes, reliving some of the funniest sections of the show.

It might be intended to provide a miniature recap, but if anything it'll just get you wanting to rewatch all the shows in full again. Sorry about that.

Featured Image Credit: NBC/The Office

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