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Paddy Doherty’s Granddaughter Wants A Chalet For Christmas

Paddy Doherty’s Granddaughter Wants A Chalet For Christmas

Margaret Doherty, who is nine years old, said she just wanted the one thing - and it's definitely not what you'd expect



Paddy Doherty's granddaughter has revealed the present she wants for Christmas.

Margaret Doherty, who is just nine years old, said that the one thing she wanted was a brand new chalet with ornate chandeliers and decorative furniture.

Appearing on Channel 5's Gypsy Kids at Christmas special, she said wants to redecorate her family's new chalet to look just like her Grandaddy Paddy.

Credit: Channel 5 / Gypsy Kids at Christmas

Speaking directly to the cameras, she says: "It's going to be our first Christmas in it [the new chalet] and I want lots of fabulous things.

"I'm desperate to get my own bed, because I will get away from Susie and get a good sleep."

Elsewhere on the episode, twins Johnny and Abraham get piles of presents under their tree, and are thrilled when they receive a bike each from their wish list.

Credit: Channel 5 / Gypsy Kids at Christmas

Abraham offers his thoughts on the shindig: "I think travellers do deserve presents as much as gorgers [non-travellers] because we are humans, we're not monkeys."

In South Wales, Rihann recieves a mini petrol quad bike which her mother Anne says is a big surprise. She says: "She hasn't got a clue about this one."

The airing of the Christmas episode follows Paddy Doherty delivering an emotional eulogy in the Catholic Church of English Martyrs, at the funeral of his late nephew, Tom 'Tomboy' Doherty, six months after losing his dad Simon Doherty.

"He was my nephew and his mum and father's only child. The look on them, they are absolutely devastated," the Big Fat Gypsy Weddings star told mourners in October.

"He was only 17 but he acted was like 30. He never drank [alcohol] or did drugs. I want to say thanks to Paul, the funeral director, for all that he's done for us too," he added.

Featured Image Credit: Channel 5 / Gypsy Kids at Christmas

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