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Ricky Gervais Confirms All Characters Are Returning For Series Two Of After Life

Ricky Gervais Confirms All Characters Are Returning For Series Two Of After Life

Ricky Gervais has confirmed that every character will return in the second series of After Life... except for Julian.

The dark comedy-cum-drama was released on Netflix last month and was widely praised by both critics and viewers.

Indeed, most people were left pining for more by the end of the six part series, and as such, fans were delighted when the show's star and creator announced he had already begun writing the second series.


Now, Gervais has revealed that all of the characters from the first season will make a return, minus Julian.


... Julian died in season one. Fortunately, unlike with Game of Thrones say, everyone else made it.

Gervais broke the news in a FAQ post on Facebook.


He said: "I cast the show in my head as I was writing it. Luckily, everyone said 'yes'. And, yes, they're all back for season 2. Except Julian, RIP."

Th 57-year-old writer, director, comedian and actor also answered numerous other common questions about the show, what with it being an FAQ post about the show and all.

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The post read: "The dog is a German Shepard called "Anti". I called her "Brandy" in the show because I wanted a more traditional name that sounded a bit like her real one so that she would respond during filming. The dog will not die in series 2. I promise.


"The show was filmed in Old Hemel, Beaconsfield, and Hampstead to create the fictional little town of Tambury. The beach was Camber Sands. It was the best English summer of my adult life.

"I really did eat the vegetable curry from the can and the watery Weetabix. The fish fingers were vegan and I could tell that the kid didn't like them. The joint with heroin in it was made from raspberry leaves.

"I only called the kid a tubby little ginger c*nt in my close up when he wasn't around.


"I started writing the series in the summer of 2017 while on tour with Humanity. The seed of the idea was 'Imagine if you lost everything and didn't care about anything anymore. You could do what the fuck you wanted'.

"I chose all the music from my personal collection. I've never been able to do this before without compromise as I've never had such a good budget."

After Life is available to stream on Netflix now.

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