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​Ryan Reynolds Shares Deadpool's Avengers Rejection Letter

​Ryan Reynolds Shares Deadpool's Avengers Rejection Letter

It seems Ryan Reynolds is feeling a little left out of the Avengers crew, having jokingly tweeted a rejection letter from the gang.


The letter, which is signed from Tony Stark - aka Robert Downey Jr's Iron Man - tells Deadpool 'absolutely not' to the idea of joining the Avengers team.

Reynolds captioned the photo: "From a guy who never knows when to quit, I'm glad you guys never did.

But, showing he's not completely bitter, he added: "Congrats #Avengers."

As you'll probably know, Avengers: Infinity War is absolutely smashing it at the box office, having topped global and domestic records for best opening weekends at the box office, according to Disney Studios.


Disney reckons the film will have taken an estimated $630 million at the worldwide box office for its opening weekend - including $250 million from North American ticket sales, which would beat the record previously held by another Disney film, Star Wars: The Force Awakens.

"I think films like this show that we, as studios, just need to keep building and telling the right stories," Greg Mason, vice-president of marketing for Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures Canada, told CBC News.

The film was off to a great start, finishing the first day of screenings with a massive $106 million (which, admittedly, included $39 million from late night Thursday screenings) - at the time sitting behind only Star Wars: The Force Awakens in the all-time list.

Obviously this makes it the biggest opening figures for a Marvel release by some distance.

Even though it seems as if the fans are lapping up all of the Avengers action, the critics have actually been pretty divided when it comes to reaching a consensus on whether it's actually good.

Chris Nashawaty, from Entertainment Weekly said: "Infinity War is a movie for the fans.

"Especially those who've spent any time wondering what it would be like to witness Chris Hemsworth's Thor wisecracking with Chris Pratt's Star-Lord, or tagging along with some of the Avengers as they hightail it to Wakanda."

It's a bit like 10 pounds of movie jammed into a five-pound bag ... It ends up feeling a bit too disjointed - like we're flipping the channels between four different movies instead of watching one cohesive one."

However, Uproxx were a lot more positive about the film. Their review said: "The delight of a movie like this is to see these characters interact with other characters that they haven't before. And we get some crazy pairings here...Avengers: Infinity War feels like a really special event.

"There are at least ten moments in this movie that made me want to just yell out, "yeah!," at the screen. If you are a human being who likes comic books or comic book movies, it's almost impossible not to enjoy the spectacle of it all."

We suggest Deadpool goes and creates his own army of superheroes if the Avengers lot won't let him join the party. That could make for a seriously epic spin-off series...

Featured Image Credit: 20th Century Fox/Twitter/Ryan Reynolds

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