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Sesame Street Gave Us The Only Game Of Thrones Ending We Want

Sesame Street Gave Us The Only Game Of Thrones Ending We Want

In Game of Thrones, families have been warring centuries with many lives lost. Egos and too much pride usually win out over common sense and the want for the betterment of society - which ends up producing brilliant television.

But what would happen if someone just sat down some of the biggest characters and tried a bit of good old fashion HR work?


Well Sesame Street has given that a go with Cersei and Tyrion, hoping a few kind words would help end the battle between the Lannister children.

Surprisingly, it worked pretty well.

As Tyrion and Cersei argue in Westeros, they're interrupted by an armour clad Elmo, who asks them to just play nicely.

After much consideration, Cersei agrees and we're greeted with a message to just be nice to and respect each other.


While this would be a lovely sentiment to see in Game of Thrones, it certainly wouldn't be the ending that some fans want. Some people just want the Seven Kingdoms to burn and have everyone in it die a slow and painful death.

But others would be thrilled at the idea that our favourite characters would be spared a bloody demise. However it would be a very short TV show. People are loving the video and have suggested other ways it could have ended.

"This should have ended with the mountain tickling Elmo," wrote one person.

"No wonder the writers only need 6 episodes," said another, "Elmo will easily resolve Daenerys and Cersei's conflict, then quickly reach a compromise with the Night King."

Either way, all eyes on the next episode of Game of Thrones and what will happen after the premiere episode seemed to be setting up a few showdowns.

To recap, every man and his dog/dragon were getting ready for the biggest of all the battles, which is really saying something.

In Winterfell, Jon Snow and Daenerys Targaryen brought an army of the living to the Stark family home. Gendry, Tyrion, Varys and - who could forget? - Dany's two remaining dragons were all there as well.

Meanwhile, down in King's Landing, Cersei was up to her favourite hobby - plotting murder. As usual, she wanted her brother Tyrion dead. She was even willing to send Joffrey's crossbow north with Bronn to make that happen. Oh, and she might have even put out a hit on her brother/lover/father of her children Jaime, too... Classic stuff.

What did you make of it all? Head over to Game of Thrones: Westeros Posting on Facebook and tell us what you think.

Game of Thrones will air on Sky Atlantic at 2am each Monday morning, and again at 9pm on Monday nights.

Featured Image Credit: Sesame Street

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