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Simon Cowell Takes Part In Knife Throwing Act On Britain's Got Talent

Simon Cowell Takes Part In Knife Throwing Act On Britain's Got Talent

It was a tense episode of Britain's Got Talent tonight, as a knife-throwing act began hurling blades at Simon Cowell.

Andrei and his partner, who perform under the name Gomonov Knife Show, appeared before judges Simon, Amanda Holden, Alesha Dixon and David Walliams on the programme.

After hearing that it was a knife-throwing act, David asked: "Is what you're going to do dangerous?" To which Andrei replied: "Very dangerous."


Hopping up on to the judges' table, he started flinging knives at his assistant... with one of them only narrowly missing her.

If that wasn't nail biting enough, the second part of the act saw his partner placed on a spinning board with a cover draped over her, so Andrei had no way of knowing where she was when he was lashing the blades.

The impressive performance got a standing ovation from the judges and the audience.

David said: "It's one of those acts that makes me feel very uncomfortable, because there's so much danger involved. But, for talent and for bravery that is 10 out of 10."


"I loved every moment and I want to see more," Alesha added.

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The knife throwing act had the audience on the edge of their seats. Credit: ITV
The knife throwing act had the audience on the edge of their seats. Credit: ITV

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And Simon was so impressed he wanted to have a go himself.

Taking to the stage, Simon put his faith in Andrei, who threw a number of knives at the judge - something I'm sure many contestants have dreamt of doing over the years.


As the final knife landed just inches from the infamous TV personality's face, the knife-thrower earned another standing ovation.

Once safely back at the judges' table, Simon said: "The reason I wanted to do that was [that] I wanted to know what it was like. It is terrifying." Fair play, to you, pal. I wouldn't have been putting myself up there like that.

Although he looked cool and calm throughout, Andrei has admitted that he was feeling quite nervy about the Cowell stunt.

Speaking to the Metro, he said: "This was high stakes. It was more dangerous because I didn't know what Simon would do. I know my partner. She knows not to be scared and not to move.


"But I didn't know if Simon might move. I worried I might leave him seriously injured. I had small nerves. I'm a professional, I must be ready and keep my focus."

Britain's Got Talent is shown on ITV on Saturdays at 8pm.

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