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'The Island With Bear Grylls' Breaks British Record For Most Swear Words In A TV Show

'The Island With Bear Grylls' Breaks British Record For Most Swear Words In A TV Show

Viewers were not happy...

George Pavlou

George Pavlou

Fuck, shit, piss, arsehole and wanker. These are all swear words commonly used in the English language because apparently we're all heathens who can't speak proper England.

Last night on Channel 4, The Island with Bear Grylls aired at 9pm meaning it was just past watershed. For those that don't know, a watershed is defined as an 'event or period marking a turning point in a situation'. In television speak, that means people can start start swearing and having sex on TV and stuff.

When viewers sat down in their droves to watch Bear Grylls' new show however, they weren't expecting to be met with a barrage of swear words. In fact, they were met with so many swear words, it broke a British television record.

Contestants on the show swore 95 times in just 45 minutes of viewing - that's more than two swear words a minute. When you consider the first curse word wasn't uttered until just before the tenth minute of the show, the average per minute from the first swear word is much higher.

Naturally, people who hate swearing were offended and took to Twitter to voice their disapproval of the show's sweariness...

I don't think I ever want to actually meet the kind of person who calls in to Ofcom but apparently there are three losers out there who did. Another complaint was about 'the sexual tone of one of the conversations'.

You know what I do when I watch something and decide it isn't for me? Stop watching. Life really is that simple.

Oh, and for anyone wondering, the Guinness world record for 'most swear words in a TV show' goes to a 2006 show called Strutter, which included 201 fucks, shits, pisses, arseholes and wankers in one episode. That's pretty good going.

Words by George Pavlou

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