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Tony Hawk Says 'Space Jam' Almost Had A Sequel Called 'Skate Jam'

Tony Hawk Says 'Space Jam' Almost Had A Sequel Called 'Skate Jam'

Most people aren't really sure how to feel about this

You wouldn't think a film about Michael Jordan taking part in an intergalactic basketball game with cartoon rabbits and aliens would be a hit... or maybe you would.

Either way, Space Jam definitely was - in the box office anyway.

Perhaps to an even greater extent, Tony Hawk's Pro Skater game series proved to be a slam-dunk with gamers, who now widely consider the games to be bona fide classics.

But what if the two had merged, in some kind of cosmic skate park?

Well, Tony Hawk himself has revealed that the film no one ever thought about almost became a reality. In a tweet, the 50-year-old skateboarding icon said he was asked to meet Warner Brothers about making 'Skate Jam'.

Fortunately/unfortunately, depending on how you look at it, Looney Tunes: Back In Action 'bombed' and the plan was scrapped, saving/depriving the world of 'Skate Jam'.

So, how do we feel about the fact that such a film might have been?

It seems generally that we're not quite sure what to think:

That said, there are also lots of die-hard space basketball film/skateboarding game fans who have been left mourning the loss of that which never was as a result of Hawk's tweet:

If you are one of those people feeling sorrowful, it may be of some comfort to you that Skate Jam does now exist.

Except it's not the film outlined above, it's a skateboarding game for mobile... not quite the same admittedly, but there you go.

Featured Image Credit: PA

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