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New 'Blair Witch'-Style Film Explores Last Year's 'Killer Clown' Epidemic

New 'Blair Witch'-Style Film Explores Last Year's 'Killer Clown' Epidemic

What was it actually all about?



Remember when people kept spotting clowns in random locations last year?

No? Maybe a little bit? OK...

Well, you'll be pleased to discover that a film has been made about it.

2016 saw a wave of sightings of so-called 'killer clowns' across Europe and America, in which people with too much spare time on their hands dressed up in clown costumes and wandering the streets at night in the hope of freaking people out...

Or at least that's what we thought.

Behind the Sightings is a Blair Witch Project-style 'found footage' film that takes a look at - you guessed it - what was actually going on behind all of those bizarre clown sightings. Watch the trailer below:

Credit: Behind the Sightings/Tommy V Productions

Admittedly, it doesn't give too much away, but we can pretty confidently establish that this new film follows the classic Blair Witch formula of 'a bunch of young filmmakers get more than they bargained for when they went to shoot a film about some weird shit'.

Behind the Sightings is produced by Tommy Vlahopoulos, who worked on the 2015 horror flick Intruders, and Tom Sulkowski, who didn't.

"Clowns have traditionally been associated with slapstick style performance, comedy or mime," Vlahopoulos said. "But there has always been a dark side to a clown.

"This is not fake news. Behind the Sightings is centred around the terrifying clown sightings that shook the world last year, and an eager couple (Todd and Jessica) swept up in all the phenomenon.

"This is a very newsworthy subject, especially with all the continuous clown sightings."

Credit: Behind the Sightings/Tommy V Productions

Director Tony H. Cadwell, keen to maintain the realism behind his new film (or maybe it actually did happen, who are we to judge?), stated: "Todd and Jessica were committed to discovering the reason for these sightings. They collected lots of information and some amazing footage.

"The family entrusted us with this footage. We just wanted to honour Todd and Jessica Smith's work and expose what happened. I feel honoured to be a part of this project."

2016's 'killer clown' epidemic (I can't believe I just typed that) was first reported in the United States in August 2016, before subsequently spreading to other countries.

The sightings were first reported in South Carolina, when a 9-year-old boy told his mother that two males dressed as clowns tried to lure him into a wooden area.

"They were trying to lure him to the house," his mother said in an interview, pointing toward the woods.

While most of the clown-related incidents appeared to be wholly unsubstantiated or lacked evidence of criminal activity, a few actually led to arrests. Some people were cited or arrested for making violent threats to schools, and some incidents involved robberies and assaults on children and adults.

Whatever you think of the whole bizarre affair, Behind the Sightings is due to for release in October 2017 and we'd be lying if we said we weren't curious.

Words: Paddy Maddison

Featured Image Credit: Behind the Sightings/Tommy V Productions