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Woman 'Got Rid Of Period Pain' By Smearing Menstrual Blood On Her Face

Woman 'Got Rid Of Period Pain' By Smearing Menstrual Blood On Her Face

Yazmina Jade Adler appeared on an Australian show called Medicine or Myth? where she shared her bizarre method of pain relief

Rebecca Shepherd

Rebecca Shepherd

I think I speak for the majority when I say that we've all experienced period pain in some form or another, whether it's a very real, physical pain from inside you, or someone you know is in agony thanks to the sensation of a gremlin ripping things to pieces inside their uterus.

We try to do anything to relieve symptoms - hot water bottles, herbal teas, medication, smearing the menstrual blood on our face.

Wait, hang on - back it up. Menstrual blood on the face? Doesn't sound appealing to us but it definitely does to Yazmina Jade Adler.

Former hairdresser Yazmina, 26, appeared on an SBS show called Medicine or Myth? where she shared her monthly ritual to relieve her body from the pain of periods - which is fucking excruciating, btw. But maybe not enough to rub the bodily fluid on our skin.

When she appeared on the programme - where a panel of medical experts aim to discover if diverse health remedies can be successful treatments - Yazmina said: "By doing this, it has relieved the discomfort."

Yazmina even painted her lips with the menstrual blood.

She continued: "I would normally connect with the blood, just by doing that it instantly does something to me, and then I would also..." then proceeded to paint her forehead moving down her nose.

After applying the blood, like some sort of fruity lipgloss, one of the panellists, Dr Ginni Mansberg, said: "I have to say when you came down and put that jar of menstrual blood there, I thought 'icky' and now I see everything that you're doing and you've got so much peace coming off you.

"You've converted what was clearly a very distressing physical situation into something really profoundly beautiful."

Beautiful might not be the word you'd use...

Yazmina became emotional as she shared her pain relief ritual.

Yazmina became physically emotional as she explained: "I just want every woman to feel it, you know... I know what women go through, I know that pain, I know that shame. I feel for women that are struggling with this."

The feminine healer, based on the Gold Coast, Australia, has previously shared footage of her ceremony in a quest to prove the menstrual cycle is nothing to be ashamed of.

Yazmina said: "There is too much taboo surrounding this natural cycle. By showing this publicly, I think it shows that it's actually ok to feel connected to it."

Well if it works, why the hell not? I might have mentioned that it really hurts.

Featured Image Credit: SBS

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