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'Traumatised' woman forced to visit A&E after adult toy got stuck inside her bum

'Traumatised' woman forced to visit A&E after adult toy got stuck inside her bum

This is a pretty common thing doctors have to deal with

A woman ended up having to rush to hospital after a bit of... you know, with a 'friend with benefits' left her with an adult toy stuck up her bum.

Gigi Chapman says she was having 'fun' with her friend when they decided to introduce a three-inch metal sex toy she'd bought the internet into their fun.

Things soon went wrong for the 34-year-old after she felt the adult toy go in a little further than she planned.

At first she thought her friend had taken it out after the discomfort went away, only to realise that her body had 'sucked' the toy up.

Chapman initially tried to get the toy out by spending 40 minutes squatting in a warm bath, but when that didn't work she was forced to seek medical attention, calling 111 to ask for some professional help.

34-year-old Gigi Chapman was having fun with a 'friend with benefits' when disaster struck.
Kennedy News and Media

Ending up in A&E, the 34-year-old just about avoided needing emergency surgery to get the adult toy out of her bottom but she said she still had to go through an 'excruciating' procedure which she said was how she imagined childbirth must feel.

"I was with a friend with benefits that I have sex with. We've been seeing each other for a few months," Chapman said of the weekend fun which ended on a bit of a bum note.

"When we were having sex it felt like [the toy] had gone a bit deep. I assumed he had taken it out but I think he had actually pushed it back.

"We kept on going for about 15 minutes. We were chatting after and it was then when I realised that I couldn't see the butt plug anywhere.

"I was trying to feel for it subtly, and I asked him where it was. He thought I had taken it out and I thought he had taken it out. He was very concerned.

"I genuinely thought I was going to be able to sit on the loo and push it out, so I wasn't that worried and I told him to go. I didn't really want him to be fishing around in there."

Gigi eventually made it to the hospital where an x-ray revealed the extent of her problems.
Kennedy News and Media

When she realised the metal sex toy wouldn't be moved by a trip to the toilet, she got her housemate to suggest some possible alternatives, which is where the plan for squatting in the bath came from.

That was about the extent of the housemate's help, as the 34-year-old said they 'watched in pure hysterics' and admitted the situation was 'very, very funny'.

Apparently even the NHS call handler joined in on the giggling before they told her to head for A&E, which prompted an 'uncomfortable' ride to the hospital.

Luckily she got seen by a nurse after 10 minutes, though when doctors saw an x-ray of her predicament they 'didn't know how to get it out' and recommended that she go in for surgery.

Really not wanting that to happen, the 34-year-old was instead rescued from her situation by a surgeon who donned a pair of rubber gloves and went to work with 'a load of lube' to get the adult toy out.

While the experts told her to relax, Chapman said that was 'easy to say when you don't have four strangers in a room and fingers up your bum'.

Her first attempt to dislodge the stuck adult toy involved a 40-minute bath, but that proved unsuccessful.
Kennedy News and Media

Since it was a painful experience she got a break for 'gas and air', but after 'birthing a butt plug' she was free of the burden and asked the hospital staff to destroy it as she never wanted to see it again.

Chapman first shared her story on TikTok, where people's reactions varied between sympathy and amusement.

The 34-year-old said she'd had loads of messages afterwards from others who said 'the same thing had happened to them and they had never told anyone'.

A former nurse chipped in to say they'd 'seen lots of strange objects stuck in places' over the years, so as embarrassing as the experience may be, it's really nothing the doctors and nurses haven't seen before and going to the hospital is the right move.

Featured Image Credit: Kennedy News & Media

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